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    Ace Operator is a free open-source web-based customer contact solution. It is an inexpensive way for your online customers to communicate live with your company representatives (operators) who can provide real-time customer service, sales support, product information and support, company information or training. Online customers can access operator services by simply clicking a button on any of your web pages. ...
  2. OneBlog
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    The OneBlog is a lightweight Blog Solution with BBCode, Smileys, Admin Area, Statistik, Search, Comments, Captcha & XSS Protection and so on. Features of OneBlog: - Kommentarfunktion- Admin Bereich- Captcha-Schutz- BBCode & Smileys- Badword-Filter- Löschfunktion- Editierfunktion- Statistik- Suchfunktion- RSS-Feeds- XSS Schutz- SQL-Injections-Schutz
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    This is an easy to use online store solution based on CodeIgniter. It can be used from small to large stores, allowing the admin unrestricted and totally controllable access of his product catalog. Features of GoCart:Categories:- Unlimited categories- Tiered categories with unlimited depth- Editable category title and meta data- Editable category content section- WYSIWYG content editor- Organized contained products with ...
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