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    phpMySOAP is a PHP-based SOAP server which provides mainly MySQL-based functions to a SOAP client. What we have here is something similar to MSSQL's SOAP endpoints for their commercial database.
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    Google APIlity PHP Library for AdWords provides an object-oriented means to easily access and manage the Google Adwords API from within PHP. It comes along with an abstraction from the SOAP and WSDL details. With the AdWords API you can not only manage and organize your accounts more efficiently, easily and smoothly, but also more creatively. Using the API, you ...
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    PHP Kernel, PHP/AJAX/DHTML framework for rapid applications development.Automatic environment recognition: - mobile devices;- SOAP; - XML-RPC; - RSS.
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    SOAP-SQL generates a web service WSDL based on user-defined SQL statements with only a few lines of code. It relies on NuSOAP and PEAR MDB2 (DB abstraction layer), so it works with most any database. No PHP extensions required.
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    WSRP for PHP (WSRP4PHP), implementation of the WSRP 1.0 spec. for PHP5 environment. Could expose any existing content and become a WSRP producer. PHP4 is supported only via NuSOAP.
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    Biblioteca, a modification of the openbiblio2 project intended to use as general library simple system. It should use, instead of Amazon's SOAP, isdndb or other xml service for cataloguing.
  7. Open HR Repository
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    Open HR aims to become an open repository for various Human Resource components. These components communicate using HR-XML via SOAP.
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    phpXMLP aims to be a XML Protocol implementation for PHP. It should provide support for SOAP 1.2 and WSDL 1.0. It follows very closely the design proposed by the XML Protocol Abstract Model Working Draft published on the 9th of July, 2001 by the W3C.
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