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  1. Dolphin SNS
    5062 total visits
    Dolphin is a PHP project designed to create your own social networking service, community or dating site without limits. It includes all modules, flash apps, iPhone and desktop app. Dolphin takes the idea of "visual modification" to the next level with drag-and-drop "Builders" that allow you to arrange content, customize profiles, create whole new custom pages and page elements. "Builders" ...
  2. DZOIC Handshakes Professional
    1490 total visits
    DZOIC Handshakes is the best solution for building your own social networking service, just like Friendster, Facebook or MySpace. Handshakes is fully customizable and easy to use. It is delivered together with 100% Open PHP, PSD and FLA sources giving you a full control over completely every part of the script. Key features: powerful admin console, install guide, facebook style ...
  3. Oxwall
    1703 total visits
    Oxwall is a free and Open Source PHP social networking service(SNS) software platform. Oxwall is used for a wide range of projects staring from family sites and custom social networks to collaboration tools and enterprise community solutions.Its flexibility is an extremely easy way ot change the way it works using Oxwall plugin. Thers plugina are complete units of functionality that ...
  4. Jcow SNS
    2411 total visits
    Jcow is a lightweight yet powerful and flexible PHP Social Networking software. Features: Custom Profile Theme, Activity Streams, Friends, Following, Photo Albums, Blogs, Videos, Groups, Forums, News Feed and more. Features of Jcow:- Basic Social Networking tools like Friends, Message, Profile, Following- Activity Streams- Custom Profile- Photo Albums- Videos- Blogs- Groups- Forums
  5. NoseRub
    1291 total visits
    NoseRub is a free and open source social networking software based on CakePHP. Applications with the NoseRub protocol keep information about profile data for each of the contacts. These profiles get synchronised between the applications, social networks and can be used by any other NoseRub service. NoseRub uses already available standards like OpenID, RSS and FOAF to provide the goal ...
  6. ATutor Social
    702 total visits
    ATutor Social is a social networking module that allows ATutor users to connect with each other. They can gather contacts, create a public profile, track network activity, create and join groups, and customize the environment with any of the thousands of OpenSocial gadgets available all over the Web.ATutor Social can be used alone as a social networking application, or it ...
  7. BuddyPress
    1673 total visits
    BuddyPress is a completely free and open source social networking features to a WordPress MU powered site. It fulfills the dream of social networking in a box. It helps build a social network for your company, schoo, sports team or niche community all based on the power and flexibility of WordPress.Functionality of BuddyPress:- A campus wide social network for your ...
  8. Mistpark Server
    1900 total visits
    Mistpark provides a distributed PHP SNS(social networking system) with strong privacy controls. It includes micro-blogging, location tagging, sharing photos, videos, links and private messages.You can also link to and communicate with friends in OStatus networks such as status.net and identi.ca. More networks will be supported in the future.Requirements:- Apache with mod-rewrite enabled and "Options All" so you can use a ...
  9. OIBlogs
    2015 total visits
    OI.Blogs is an easy-to-use and free blog software. It includes all normal features of a blog and extends beyond them with a social-networking based style, giving your blog users immediate access to Twitter, so you can update your Twitter whilst blogging, it also uses a dynamic plugin, skin & language system meaning that your blog can be modified to exactly ...
  10. Anahita Social Engine
    4017 total visits
    Anahita Social Engine is an open source platform, framework, and design methodology for building all kinds of PHP social networking applications and services using an organic Nodes-Graphs-Stories architecture. Anahita is available under the GPL2 license.
  11. Elgg
    2970 total visits
    Elgg is a powerful and award-winning PHP SNS(Social Networking Service) designed to deliver the building blocks that enable businesses, schools, universities and associations to create their own fully-featured social networks and applications. Elgg has been voted as the best open source social networking service in the year 2008.Features of Elgg:- Powerful Data Model: Elgg provides a powerful data model making ...
  12. NetworX - Social networking Service
    3886 total visits
    NetworX is an Open Source interactive PHP social networking service project to personalize your community, which allows you to spin off your own personal community just for your company/family/club/organization. NetworX can help you believe either online communities for small groups like school, class, reginal groups, or professional networking or charity networks to spread your content all over the Internet and ...
  13. Uchome and Discuz
    2813 total visits
    Uchome and Discuz is short for Uc home Social network and discuz board. It is an easy means for communication and exchange message and informations with others.
  14. Simple Way to Usenet
    2508 total visits
    Simple Way to Usenet is the advanced web frontend to hellanzb, which allows you to share the benefits of a premium newzbin.com account to other social networking services without sharing your account information.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher compiled with at least those features: crypt iconv sockets sqlite tidy xml xmlreader xmlrpc xmlwriter- a patched hellanzb v0.13 - a php-cgi enabled ...
  15. AlumniServer
    2471 total visits
    AlumniServer is an Open Source Alumni project for universities, schools and other organizations written in PHP.Features of the PHP project include profile page, photo upload, messages, forum, job market. Admin pages include user management, content management, newsletter, website configuration.
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