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  1. SmartyCMS - the Smarty CMS System
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    SmartyCMS is a small PHP framework extension for the popular Smarty templating engine. With this framework it is possible to make content from Smarty templates editable for webusers as a Content Management System (CMS). Includes Ajax and MVC design. Features of SmartyCMS - the Smarty CMS System:- TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor integrated- AJAX Technologie integrated- Smarty-Template Engine integrated- Dynamic GUI-Controls integrated- ...
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    SNS (Simple News System) is a News Manager written in PHP / AJAX.News are stored in a MySQL DB. SNS it is completely multilanguage,and template (smarty) based. News Manager con write new in RSS mode.A simple RSS reader for Flash is included.
  3. Php Site Manager
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    Php Site Manager is a Simple PHP Site Management System. This software use for Template Engine "Smarty Template", for db connection in this moment use MySql4 class derivate from phpBB2 and for Visual Editor use a modified version of TinyMCE.
  4. Self-Commerce
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    Self-Commerce is a powerfull Opensource e-Commerce (shopping cart) Solution, written in php/SQL, with Smarty Template engine. Self-Commerce was originally based on XT:Commerce(3.04sp1/sp2.1).development by the open source community.
  5. LDAPted
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    LDAPted is a web app. to browse a LDAP-based directories and to edit single entries with a set of task specified forms. This multilingual tool uses XML, xajax, smarty. Requirements:- php4 - php5
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    The Fresh Toolkit is based on the Mojavi/Propel/Smarty trio and provides CRUD functionalities for any Propel datasource, user mgmt, mailer, localization, and more.
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    Multiplyr is an Object oriented, MVC, modularized approach to Social Networking software. The project uses Smarty to develop easy to read templates and a MySQL backend.
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    lINlOUT is a PHP / AJAX / MySQL based authorization library that gives registration and login / logout featureas to a web site. It is completely multilanguage and template (smarty) based. It is an authentication users tool, that supplies a rule to run a registerd users area.Features of lINlOUT:- multilanguage- written in PHP- Open Source- administration interface, with password access, ...
  9. Template Lite
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    Template Lite is the faster, small compiling PHP template engine. It supports most of the Smarty functions and filters. It is a stripped down version of Smarty and thus is extremely fast, yet very similar to Smarty. Most of the same basic syntax as Smarty template engine used in this free PHP project so that it makes relatively easy to ...
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    MappingWidgets is a framework for making clients to OGC/OpenGIS web mapping servers (WMS) using PHP, JavaScript, and Smarty. Standard web mapping / geographic functions are supported, e.g. overview, legend. It is used for the Drupal (CMS) Carto module.
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    Features of Polymer:- Design matrix for permissions-based data management applications; - forms, reports, ad-hoc queries, with group-level permissions for all elements; - allows easy management of diverse access levels for users on the same system; - Extends smarty.Requirements: mysql
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    VSCMS is a very simple content managment system using templates based on smarty and mysql.
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    FOG Forum is as french bulletin board project written in PHP, and using Smarty Templates Engine. It includes all the standard features, and more.
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    struts4php, a MVC based framework for developing php web applications like jakarta struts. The framework is driven with a easy to handle xml configuration file. Also it has special support for the smarty template engine by supporting it with a special tag lib.
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