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  1. Zephyr Framework
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    zephyr is an ajax based framework for php5 developers. You can easily develop business applications using this robust framework. This is extremely easy to learn and very simple to implement. You can deliver a full fledged ajax application with strong business layer in backend within some minutes. Installation and deployment of packages that you develop for zephyr is hassle free. ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    web.framework is an MVC framework for PHP5. Features of web.framework:- support templating systems(such as web.template and Smarty)- support AJAX- support action and action-chain- support token
  3. Smutty
    835 total visits
    Smutty is yet another PHP MVC based framework. I've tried a few that are out there and none really satisfied exactly what I was expecting. Smutty is meant to be as simple as possible, not bogging you down with understanding the 'philosophy' of the framework, just letting you get on with things. Features of Smutty:- MVC design pattern- Powerful Smarty ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    Features of HBcms:- HBcms is a PHP+Mysql based Content Management System. Fully used PEAR and Smarty.- Frontend: Automatic published to staticly HTML pages; Automatic recreated HTML pages daily by javascript; Automatic used web server 404 error page to create HTML page; Automatic publish new articles every day!- Backend: Smarty templates; Custom tags; Custom tables and addon-modules; WYSIWYG editor; File manager; ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    Navelo CMS is an object oriented content management system is developing under Object Oriented Programming concept. All actions can be executed through one instance of the system logic class, distinguishing the system regular users from the administrators Features of Navelo CMS:- Content stored in a SQL database- Smarty templates based presentation- XML configuration files- Content category management- A content rating ...
  6. METAjour
    2000 total visits
    METAjour is a high-end Content Management System bundled with METAZO - an object oriented application framework based on a flexible Model-View-Controller architecture. METAjour and METAZO are based on PHP/MySQL, and use well-known products such as an extended version of Smarty for the template engine. Easy-to-use Windows-like user interface. Multilanguage support for any object, access restrictions by users and groups on ...
  7. No Screenshot
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    InTerra Blog Machine is built with the 3-tier concept in mind, thus full separation of business and presentation logic. With Smarty templates in soul makes the fine-tuning of the UI a blast. Uses MySQL as the backend, yet in order to gain speed pages are rendered into static (optional).The engine has everything a modern blog needs — from Human Readable ...
  8. Php Open FileShare
    3110 total visits
    Php Open FileShare is for file sharing like rapidshare, megaupload and etc. It is web-based with mysql database. Easy to use. Php Smarty and UTF-8 supported.
  9. Moowli
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    Moowli is a file-based Content Management System that allows the front-end to be completely formated and produces only accesible xHTML/CSS. Moowli is a project of S&M Web development.
  10. No Screenshot
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    PhxENGINE is game engine/framework written in PHP5 with Smarty Template Engine and PDO.
  11. Phenotype CMS
    2122 total visits
    Phenotype CMS is a PHP/MySQL/Smarty based Open Source Content Management Framework dedicated to serve two basic principles: Easy Editing & Simple Efficiency.Purposes of Phenotype CMS:- Basic Content Management: Pages & Layout- Like Playing with Building Bricks: Page Components- Dynamic Pages- Helpers for building your Phenotype Web Application- Extended Content Management - Contentobjects- Media & Asset Management- Users, Rights & Roles- ...
  12. My SQL Data Browser
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    MSDB is short for My SQL Data Browser. It is a Friendly Database Browsing WEB Front End for MySQL written in php with Smarty and JavaScript/CSS. From the Summary menu above, pick "Web Site" to see a live demonstration.
  13. Sillaj
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    Sillaj is a PHP time tracking tool. It allows to register time on projects and tasks and create reports and Gantt charts. Sillaj is multiuser and multilanguage, uses a database and is themable through Smarty templates. It is distributed under the GPL.
  14. No Screenshot
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    Abyss is a Framework powered by PHP & Smarty.Abyss gives you the maximum freedom and the minimal restrictions, makes the way of construct your site as easy as possible. It's NOTHING but it could be ANYTHING!
  15. No Screenshot
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    Blandware AtleapLite is a free lightweight PHP framework (including CMS) which implements some ideas from popular Java AtLeap project. AtLeapLite is based on the well- known, reliable tools PEAR, Smarty and FCKEditor.Main Features of Blandware AtLeap Lite - CMS on PHP:- Users- roles- permissions management allows a fine- grained access control to admin console pages.- Methodology of inheritable Layouts allows ...
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