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  1. ZooP Framework
    3094 total visits
    Zoop is a recursive acronym which stands for Zoop Object Oriented PHP Framework, which is created to be fast, efficient, modular and extensible. The recent proliferation of PHP MVC Frameworks were predated in this framework, it not only supports but also encourages separation of display, logic and data layers. The highlighted feature of Zoop framework should be its integrated error ...
  2. CMS Made Simple
    5329 total visits
    CMS Made Simple is an easy to use PHP CMS (content management system) project for simple stable content sites. CMS Made simple can provides an easy way to creat a porfessional web site and manage its content.It uses PHP, MySQL and the Smarty templating system. Features of CMS Made Simple:- SEO Friendly URLs- Integrated and online help- Modular and extensible- ...
  3. smarty
    3664 total visits
    Smarty is a PHP template engine.Smarty is best described in a situation where the application programmer and the template designer play different roles, or in most cases are not the same person.Smarty is primarily promoted as a tool for separation of concerns. More specifically, it facilitates a manageable way to separate application logic and content from its presentation.Features of Smarty:- ...
  4. Dwoo
    876 total visits
    Dwoo is a PHP template engine. It features fully compatible with Smarty templates and plugins, but is written from scratch for PHP5. Template inheritance, a fresh look at complex template structures. Sub-template declaration within templates to allow recursive templates. Dwoo also has a flexible plugin creation, plugins can be wrapped in classes or simple functions, they can be precompiled to ...
  5. eclime
    1162 total visits
    Eclime is a powerful e-commerce shopping cart based on Smarty with the trusted osCommerce 2.2 engine. Eclime should be the best project to run a successful internet store because it contains all features that a great internet store needed.Features of Eclime:- Smarty based- For fast and efficient retrieval, all orders stored in the database- Customers can view their order history ...
  6. No Screenshot
    94 total visits
    Snape is a PHP tool consisting of two scripts, Snare and Ape: Snare transparently fuses languages (XML/Ape files) with PHP or Smarty templates while.Ape provides substitution capabilities being an XML/SimpleXML extension.
  7. No Screenshot
    560 total visits
    VaselinEngine is a Zend Framework based PHP CMS/CMF solution, it uses OOP approach and MVC design pattern. Zend Framework was used in this PHP CMS because no bicycle wanted to be invented . And for view layer, Smarty template engine was used.Features of VaselinEngine:- Module based solution, and there is no strict rules in module creation- Build in user management ...
  8. Siteframe
    823 total visits
    Siteframe is a lightweight PHP Content Management System, whichi is designed for the rapid deployment of community-based websites. With this PHP CMS, a group of users can share stories and photographs, create blogs, send email to one another, and participate in group activities. Siteframe enables this by providing web-based content management so that anyone can create content without needing to ...
  9. SmartyGallery
    1079 total visits
    SmartGallery is a free profesional PHP gallery project based on MySQL, It is made with Smarty.Features of SmartGallery:- easy install: installer provided;- Languages English and spanish;- user picture comments if enable by admin;- slideshow viewer if enable by admin;- all features customizable with web interface (admin section);- template themes show diferent themes plus easy to make your own- upload approval ...
  10. Yellow Duck Weblog
    486 total visits
    Yellow Duck Weblog is a full blown PHP Blog application written using the Yellow Duck Framework. It features photo blogs, categories, static pages, and links. It also has full blown statistics built into the easy-to-use management interface. The application can easily be translated, and has support for skins by means of Smarty templates.
  11. Atom PhotoBlog
    466 total visits
    Atom PhotoBlog is a free PHP Blog project. The word Atom in the title indicates just this fact - we have created a kernel of such a blog, there's nothing missing, but also, there's nothing nagging. Thus, these scripts perform extremely good. The code was developed for PHP5, hence, it performs extremely good. The code comes along with some simple ...
  12. No Screenshot
    233 total visits
    bBlog is a blogging program written in OOP style PHP. Major features include threaded comments and trackback support. It is designed from the ground up to use the Smarty templating engine. It has unparalleled extendability and versility.
  13. Mandarin CCDS
    449 total visits
    Mandarin CCDS is a PHP5/MySql5 based CMS including Smarty Template Engine, Xajax and jQuery with multi language support, in place editing and much more useful features.Mandarin CCDS uses a different approach of storing and returning contents than most other content management systems. The backend stores all objects (contents) in a tree structure. All objects belong to a certain class and ...
  14. BIGACE
    377 total visits
    BIGACE is a multi-site, multi-language and multi-users web CMS written in PHP and based on MySQL. It features for easy to use, speedy, flexibility and simple installation. It uses WYSIWYG FCKeditor for HTML Content. Has Versioning, Workflows, Right Management, Templates and many more. Key Features of BIGACE:- SEO Friendly URLs- Easy wizard based install and upgrade procedures- Minimal server requirements- ...
  15. MiniBill
    959 total visits
    Minibill was originally created because I was tired of paying for features I never used in a recurring billing software. So I endeavored to create something that is easy to modify and simple to understand. MiniBill uses Smarty Templates and basic PHP to keep things simple for novices, yet remains extendible enough for those looking to add something extra. Features ...
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