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    Rainbow Trading builds an online market place and trading / banking interface for the Rainbow Trading. This is an alternative to Euro / Dollar economics, based on principles such as recycling, cooperation, balance, transparancy and responsibility.Requirements:PHP/MySQL web hosting environment. A normal (linux-based) virtual hosting ISP service should do. (GD Module Enabled, Safe Mode irrelevant)
  2. UnoCarts
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    Unocarts formerly called PHPMass Shopping Cart. PHPMass Shopping Cart is a FREE Shopping Cart Software as a solution for small companies. PHPMass Products are PHP Object Oriented Software Packages made so satisfy the various companies needs on the internet. The PHPMass Framework actualy is the foundation of the rest of the PHPMass Products and is made up of variou well ...
  3. EZ Publish content management system
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    EZ Publish is an Open Source Content Management System chosen by thousands of enterprises and organizations world wide. The project helps you build corporate websites, intranets, webshops and media portals.
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    Selling Made Simple (SMS) is an open source e-commerce shopping cart. SMS provides a basic, yet highly extensible framework for creating your own e-commerce store.
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    AxcotoCart is a shop online.AxcotoCart Supports:- Multi level categories - Cool Watermark- Gallery- Power download system- Ajax- Block(on two side-even PHP code in block)- Multi language(not only to Skin,even product,news)- Allow user create an own shop with theme- News- Poll
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    PhpShop is a simple shopping cart that is easy to customize. There are less features, but is generally easier to customize. All that is required to effectively customize phpShop is a basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, and SQL.Features of PhpShop:- Use of CSS-based themes- Easily integrated with Dreamweaver for layout design- Shopping cart per visiting shopper- Minicart visible for shoppers ...
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    Dreamrig is a PHP script that creates a website for a user to put together and order a custom computer. It would be great for the website of a Custom Computer Manufacturing Company.
  8. Self-Commerce
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    Self-Commerce is a powerfull Opensource e-Commerce (shopping cart) Solution, written in php/SQL, with Smarty Template engine. Self-Commerce was originally based on XT:Commerce(3.04sp1/sp2.1).development by the open source community.
  9. TXTshop
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    TXTshop is an easy installable shop for up to 5000 items. No Database needed. Ability to export into CSV excel spreedsheets.
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    Using PHP and MySQL, oscMall System takes the OScommerce project and allows for it to be used as an online virtual mall system. With many enhancements, and modifications to the original source code. This mall system is a fork from the OScommerce Project.
  11. PhPepperShop
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    PhPepperShop is a Swiss e-commerce software solution that is easy to use and high performant. This webshop is the product of choice for more than 7000 shopping carts all across europe. The design can be altered to fit your needs, which is often combined with the ability to extend the shop to integrate it in individual processes. There are no ...
  12. Zen Cart Thai
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    Thai Localization for Zen Cart. Zen Cart is a PHP e-commerce shopping cart program built on Zen Cart and base on OScommerce.
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    Arab Cart is a shopping cart system that can be used easly for arab or any people so that they can inhance the ecommerce in the arab world.
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    AFCommerce is a full and complete online store with both a storefront and administration area, which can be easily installed, configured, and maintained over a web-based interface.
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    CRE Loaded a branch of osCommerce. Currently version 6, a compilation of many contributions into the latest MS2 release of osCommerce.
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