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  1. iKode Service Desk X
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    iKode Service Desk X is an easy to use and web based customer service software and service management software. It streamlines customer service communication with tickets, a knowledge and more. iKode Service Desk X can be used to resolve IT issues by ITSM work flows that keeps your company organized, efficient and provide excellent customer service! Features of iKode Service ...
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    phpWatch is a flexible service monitoring system.Features of phpWatch: - multiple contact methods for when services malfunction, - multiple query methods,- statistics gathering, - a fully extendable architecture for developers.
  3. InfoERP for Outdoor Caterers
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    InfoERP is just a fork of weberp with better UI and much suitable for catering services, online order management in hospitality domain. Suitable for restaurants,caterers, tent houses etc. Plan to integrate HR , CRM and POS.
  4. SMI - Services Maintenance Interventions
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    SMI (Services Maintenance Interventions) is a complete free solution to manage services and technical support to customers with frontoffice and backoffice modules.
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    Costshare Tracker is a simple program designed to help schools and non-profit organizations manage their federal grants by keeping track of project services and non-federal match contributions.
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    HessianPHP 2 is a library that implements the Hessian binary web services protocol for PHP 5.The Hessian Protocol:The Hessian binary web service protocol makes web services usable without requiring a large framework, and without learning yet another alphabet soup of protocols. Because it is a binary protocol, it is well-suited to sending binary data without any need to extend the ...
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    Son of Service (SOS) is a multiuser volunteer management database for non-profits. Useful for keeping track of work history, comments, reminders, skills, availability, and relationships, SOS requires PHP, a RDBMS, and a HTML 4.0 browser.
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