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  1. SpamTrawler
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    SpamTrawler is a Web-Application Firewall which enables you to protect your Website from unwanted visitors and various attacks. With version 2.2 we have now integrated more detailed information on any IP blocked or unblocked, allowing you to query these IP addresses against a variety of online services and/or find “Abuse Contacts”, giving you a point of contact for your “Abuse ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    Normal 0 21 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 WH Community is a script which runs very fast and needs only limited resources. In the design of usability and security was placed. The newest version also has protection against Session-Hijacking/Fixation installed and a newly developed integrated security module. HTML5 and CSS3 layout, packed into DIVs create a modern and contemporary look and ...
  3. BotDetect CAPTCHA
    279 total visits
    BotDetect CAPTCHA is a website security CAPTCHA solution designed to prevent automated form submissions. It system is available for ASP, ASP.NET and PHP. Features of BotDetect CAPTCHA:- Time unlimited and fully functional free version;- 60 secure & readable Captcha image styles;- 10 secure & accessible Captcha sound styles;- Localized Captcha generation, using various Unicode character sets and multi-language sound pronunciations;- ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    phpStickyBoard is a simple, quick, user friendly and secure forum like Baidu.com tieba. It aimed at creating a forum program in simple, quick and easy-to-use interfaces. Security(of structure, contents) is concerned as the most important.Features of phpStickyBoard:- BBCode Support - make your posts rich!- Authority Level - Different level-er(s) live in parallel worlds.- Keep track of everything - user data ...
  5. QT-registrations
    334 total visits
    QT-registrations, the professional safety management system for incidents registration, reporting and analysis.QT-registrations is a powerful, scalable and fully customizable incident registration and reporting system for large organisation. It is working with the most highly efficient and ultra fast back-end database engines.Features of QT-registrations:- Multiple language interface- Private or public sections- Design your own dataset describing the incidents- Fields are customisable ...
    427 total visits
    Wally is an unique iptables web front-end, offering complete control over your linux firewall capabilities. Wally can be used with any other firewall front-ends, reading current firewall's configuration and tweak it in deepest details. Based on the latest AWS XMS engine, this small and friendly firewall front-end helps you to create / edit your firewall, build aws applications that will ...
  7. Linfo
    1030 total visits
    Linfo, a PHP server health/information system script which is designed to display the hardware and realtime health of our rig. It can provide information such as dick space, temperatures, CPU, RAM, etc. Goals of Linfo: - Be very fast; generation in under a second is most desired.- Call very few external programs (like df/load/uptime/etc), if any. (parse the file system ...
  8. IptablesWeb
    3039 total visits
    IptablesWeb is a plugin-based, multilanguage and multiuser PHP network management system to inspect your iptables logs using a web browser. It can be used to inspect iptables logs, to receive email and alert using a web browser. Features of IptablesWeb: - Core based (IptablesWeb core)- Plugin based: increases software potentiality and modularity- Multilanguage- Multiuser; guest, user and admin account- Accounts ...
  9. No Screenshot
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    Nuke Patched is a project that attempts to make PHP-Nuke more secure by adding validation to all variables.All sec-fix patches have been incorporated into these. Unless stated these are not full PHP-Nuke packages, only modified files are included.
  10. cPassMan
    1656 total visits
    cPassMan is a collaborative passwords manager. It has been created for managing passwords in a collaborative environment of use such as companies.With cPassMan it is possible to organize passwords in a tree structure, associate information to passwords, it is especially designed to provide passwords access security for allowed people. This makes cPassMan really usefull in a Buisiness/Enterprise environment and will ...
  11. WebServer Sentry
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    WebServer Sentry allows monitoring of clients making requests of your web server. It has trigger points which you set that causes a change in colour if clients trend too high and the IP address is blocked. Code injection is detected and IP is also. Features:- Block SQL, Code Injection and Denial of Service attacks.- Monitor requests made of your Web ...
  12. RIPS
    1901 total visits
    RIPS is a static source code analyser for vulnerabilities in PHP web applications. It was released during the Month of PHP Security.Features of RIPS:- detect XSS, SQLi, File disclosure, LFI/RFI, RCE vulnerabilities and more- 5 verbosity levels for debugging your scan results- mark vulnerable lines in source code viewer- highlight variables in the code viewer- user-defined function code by mouse-over ...
  13. SIGVI
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    SIGVI is a vulnerability manager for enterprise environments. Uses vulnerability sources like NVD, auto-updates its repository and looks for vulnerable products installed on your servers, creating alerts and notifying their administrators.
  14. Simple Site Protection
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    The objective of these routines is to supply a secure login system to be wrapped round php applications and websites so that developers do not need to write their own. These libraries have been hardened against most web type attacks. The aim of Simple Site Protection is to provide php developers to easily secure a site or an appolication.
  15. No Screenshot
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    Peruggia is designed as a safe, legal environment to learn about and try common attacks on web applications. It looks similar to an image gallery, but contains several controlled vulnerabilities to practice on.
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