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  1. Yioop!
    665 total visits
    Yioop! is a PHP-driven search engine which is open sourced, Yioop! It allows webmasters to run their very own search engine for keeping up with changes across the Internet and can be configured to crawl the whole Internet, or just a specific list of URLs and domains. Once crawled, site details are archived for later inspection. Features of Yioop!:- Manage ...
  2. Open Harvester System
    441 total visits
    This is a free metadata indexing system developed in PHP. OHS (Open Harvester System) is an Open Source PHP search engine. It indexs and creates searchable listings of metadata from Open Archives Initiative (OAI)-compliant archives.OAI services include sites using Open Journal Systems (OJS) or Open Conference Systems (OCS).Features of Open Harvester System:- Ability to harvest OAI metadata in a variety ...
  3. No Screenshot
    607 total visits
    Store Locator is a store search engine written using PHP, MySQL and Google MAps. The widget consists of a map and search field. Searching a location, the widget avaiable restaurants inside a preset radius. The results are shown on the left sidebar, which when the user selects one, it highlights the location on the map shown on the right. Store ...
  4. Sphider
    3040 total visits
    Sphider is a free OpenSource PHP search engine project which using MySQL as its back database. Sphider is a great tool for adding search functionality to your website or buliding your custom search engine, it is a powerful PHP search engine.Sphider installed and modified easily, and used in thousands of websites across the world.Sphider supports all standard search options, but ...
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