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    Middle School Homework Page, full-featured PHP/ MySQL electronic homework delivery application designed primarily for middle schools.It has a teacher interface, install wizard, admin interface, student interface and more! A project of the Munchahat Team!
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    InfoCentral is a project to build an all-in-one, centralized, web-based administrative solution for churches, schools, and non-profit organizations using the latest Java and rich-web technologies. The old PHP version is no longer in development.
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    EmploiNet est une interface web qui va vous permettre de grer des emplois du temps. Ainsi chaque enseignant et tudiant pourra consulter son planning sur Internet.
  4. PHPTestManager
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    PHPTestManager allows the final user (for example, a Professor) to create and maintain school tests and tests in general, through a web interface. This is a list of the features:- create, delete and edit subjects- create, delete and edit four type of questions (Open, Multiple choice with only one correct answer, with more than one correct answer and true/false questions)- ...
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    SchoolAlumni Portal - Portal software for alumni high school, content management system, and online news publishing tools.It can create unlimited weblink category, publish article with images, alumni list with edit-delete-update, forum, etc. Now coming with classifieds ads modules
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    Open Biblio, web Administartion of books in a school. Administration d'une bibliothque scolaire.
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    Portal web autoadministrable enfocado para Escuelas o Universidades. Dispone de Foros, administracin de apuntes, Noticias, Encuestas, Sistema de mensajera entre usuarios, sistema de tickets entre administradores y colaboradores de la web...
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