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  1. Science Lab Inventory & Order Management
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    Science Laboratory Inventory and Orders Management System: more suitable for school's science laboratories to manage stored items (chemical and equipment) and add a way to order them on-line for science lessons and practical experiments.
  2. No Screenshot
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    Command School Student Management System, a web based student/school management system.Features of Command School Student Management System:- Completely web based open source student management system- Manage unlimited schools and students- Integrated chat feature for teachers, admins, and parents- Homework area where teachers post and parents see homework- Parents emailed automatically for discipline or attendance event- Totally integrated health system
  3. SyndeoCMS for primary schools
    2205 total visits
    SyndeoCMS (follow up of Site@School 2.4.10) is the Content Management System (CMS) for primary schools to manage and maintain their website in an easy way. It can also be a very usefull CMS for small companies or non profit organizations. Main features of CMS for primary schools:- You can manage a website without technical knowledge.- It has an editor with ...
  4. No Screenshot
    2887 total visits
    Schooladmin, a web based school administration software allowing teacher and students access to grades, absence records and reports. Super flexible grade calculation and evaluation capabilities. Translation approximately 4hr/language, tool included (latin based only):!
  5. AlumniServer
    2471 total visits
    AlumniServer is an Open Source Alumni project for universities, schools and other organizations written in PHP.Features of the PHP project include profile page, photo upload, messages, forum, job market. Admin pages include user management, content management, newsletter, website configuration.
  6. Open-School
    4041 total visits
    Open-School is an open source comprehensive web-based School Management Software. It is designed for better interaction between students, teachers,parents & management. This management software very gracefully handles all the requirements for easy school management. The integrated content management and news management systems allows you to use this software as content publishing website.
  7. Freeschool - open source for schools
    3312 total visits
    FreeSchool is an open source software for schools: through a web interface it allows to manage circulars, communications, forms, school timetables, scheduled activities, school library, teacher resources. It is complete users/groups authorization management.
  8. No Screenshot
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    ECanteen is a data-driven web-based ordering system for canteens catering for schools or any organisation. Users order and admins process by a calendar interface. The end product is a csv file for each day that is used to print labels or lists.Features of ECanteen:- Database ordering system- canteen
  9. LibraryManager
    3026 total visits
    LibraryManager is an easy to use software to manage the book loans in a school library or a personal home library.
  10. No Screenshot
    2380 total visits
    osSchool - a school administration system, targeted,not exclusively, at International Schools ( PYP,MYP,DP & IPC,IGCSE). Currently the project osSchool is undergoing a major rewrite. A stable release is expected at the end of August 2009
  11. No Screenshot
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    Site@School is a CMS specially for primary schools. Many modules: eg. homepages for pupils, intranet for teachers, access management, email alerts and much more. Languages: EN, ES, PT-BR, NO, DE, DK, SE, GB, JP, NL, FR, FI, TR, PL, IT, BG.
  12. No Screenshot
    1247 total visits
    SchoolMedia is a simple yet powerful wiki-based image management system.
  13. No Screenshot
    2279 total visits
    LAMP School, Registro Scolastico On Line Open Source.
  14. No Screenshot
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    Vasp is a project created to create and manage a web-based virtual agenda (ideal for schools). The project is developed using the accepted and widely-supported Open Source language PHP, in conjunction with a MySQL backend.
  15. SchoolMate
    2662 total visits
    SchoolMate is a PHP/MySQL solution for elementary, middle and high schools.Administration can manage the classes and users, teachers can manage the assignments and grades, students can access their information, and parents can check up on their students. http://www.primateapplications.com/content/view/14/1/vhttp://www.primateapplications.com/content/view/14/1/
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