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    TimesheetNextGen is a continuation of the Timesheet.php project. The aims of this project are to support the old Timesheet.php user base and to develop the next generation of this application, focusing on ease of use, functionality and extendibility.
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    PhpBMS is a PHP, MySQL based billing, scheduling, and client management system.Features of PhpBMS:- Easy to Use Sales Order Entry System, - PDF Billing Documents, - Recurring Invoices, - Accounts Receivable, - Upload Files and to Orders and Clients, - Detailed Totals Reports, - True Open Source (No subscriptions, no cost).
  3. PhpTimeClock
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    PhpTimeClock an effective and easy to use timeclock. Allows for rapid reporting, multiple users and locations, centralized management and more.PhpTimeClock is a powerful web-based software that tracks your employees hours in an easy-to-use interface. Unlike most time keeping solutions, phpTimeClock records hours in realtime through a centralized server. Reports are then quickly generated for any date range and any group ...
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    MYIT CRM is a total CRM project designed for Computer Servicing and Repairs. This project has Invoicing, Work Order management,Customers Details (CRM),Payment processing (Paypal, Paymate, etc),Job Scheduling and Calendar,PDF Invoices and lots more.
  5. Simple PHP Agenda
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    Simple PHP Agenda, a simple agenda tool written in PHP with MySQL backend. An agenda tool accessible everywere there's internet. Easy to install and configure.Key Features of Simple PHP Agenda: - scheduling appointments,- holidays, - todo lists, - secure access, - multiple users, etc.
  6. Ortro
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    Ortro is an open source framework designed to make easy activities for job scheduling and system/application monitoring.Aim of Ortro:- auto discovery of the hosts in your network;- easily assemble jobs to perform workflows;- schedule your jobs in a centralized way;- archive jobs result;- create jobs/workflows for system monitoring;- create jobs/workflows application monitoring;- run existing scripts on remote hosts in secure ...
  7. Pet Grooming Management System
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    Pet Grooming Management System, a pet grooming management system that allows the operator to sale items, manage dogs and owners, schedule dogs for services and/or training, accept the dog, and cash out the dog.Dogs/services are now related by breeds. Many reports available.
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    Agenda Pro is a simple multi-user web-based contact manager designed for modern companies to schedule their agenda as easy as to write word document.
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    Course Registration Management System is a Course Management System for anybody running courses.Essentially allows for users to register online and also to provide your website with published course schedules and control over registrations, all managed by an administrator console.
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    ConPortal is a project for the Consultant Portal. It is a web-based scheduling and timeclock system, ideal for use at service desks.
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    ConCentric Event Planning Software will help convention event planners manage the rooms, events and participants involved in a convention. Various reports will help in the planning process as well as provide a way to export the data for publishing.
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    RMH Homebase is a volunteer management and scheduling system designed at Bowdoin College for the Ronald McDonald House in Portland, ME.
  13. Meeting Request Scheduling and Booking System
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    MRSBS is a system for scheduling meetings for anyone with an email address, regardless of what calendar system any individual uses. The meeting host (or the host's delegate) prepares an invitation, specifying required and optional attendees, information about the meeting topic and duration, potential time slots, and potential locations. The invitation is sent to the invitees via email, the invitees ...
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    PhpScheduler est un logiciel de gestion d'emploi du temps en php/javascript/mysql.
  15. Persoweb
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    Persoweb is an easy to use employee scheduling program. The intuitive user interface and powerful features make it the ideal tool for creating custom schedules with simple mouse point & clicks.Visually edit schedules and keep track of employee's shift.
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