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    ical2rss - iCalendar to RSS convertor parses a (possibly remote) iCalendar file and provides the first 10 (or a configurable amount) 'upcoming events' as an RSS feed.
  2. News Manager - RSS aggregator
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    News Manager - RSS aggregator is created to display content of RSS-feeds from various sites you choose. It is a web-based application which syndicates or distributes a collection of news items, thereby acting as a single source of information. One can categorise feeds and/or items and regenerate RSS-feeds for these categories. There is a front end to display the news ...
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    BRIM is a MVC framework, written in PHP and based on items with a hierarchical relationship.The list of plugins make BRIM a Information Manager with plugins like bookmarks, a calendar, contacts tasks, notes, RSS etc. The application is multilingual.
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    RSS Framework for PHP helps you create a RSS 2.0 feeds via a simple and easy to use class library. The classes in the library represent those elements of an RSS feed, that either contain child nodes or have attributes to them. Furthermode, each class features class attributes, that represent text nodes of an RSS feed node.To create an RSS ...
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    Mantra is a centralized, web-based Usenet news reader written in PHP. PostgreSQL used in this PHP RSS aggregator tool to store database. It features for SQL, NIS and LDAP users support, article scoring, RDF/RSS, usage statistics, online logs, and more.
  6. ZFeeder
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    ZFeeder is a simple and customizable PHP feedreader/aggregator to integrate news from others RSS syndication pages on your website, intranet, desktop or WAP (wml) site. It can be integrated into any CMS or weblog management systems easily. This free PHP project can be used to display other's content on your site, your intranet or your desktop. It is also know ...
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    PHP Newsgroup Reader is a web- based newsgroup Reader written in PHP to ease people who hope to obtain information from Newsgroup. Unlike Outlook or Outlook Express, this newsgroups reader requires no system resources to access newsgroups, which makes information exchange much easier. Features of PHP Newsgroup Reader:- Tree view- Correctly display encoded messages- Correctly display multiple encoded images- Reply ...
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    OpenRSSCreator is a RSS Aggregator tool written in PHP 5 for creating RSS feeds.
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    PRIFF, actually an object oriented, PHP and MySQL driven event-calendar, allowing visitors to submit events into an editing cue, review, edit and control by an administrator. The output is in XHTML and RSS which can easily be integrated in any existing site.
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