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    Refereris neat if you want to know where your visitors come from without:- Installing a ugly sitemeter-type thing.- Using bloated software that has a ton of functions you don't need.- Uploading a bunch of files and then reading a manual to install it.Referer simply saves HTTP_REFERER into a file and adds a timestamp. No database needed. It's only 37 lines ...
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    Simple Yet Effective PHP webcounter is an Open Source PHP website traffic statistics project. Simple Yet Effective PHP webcounter lets you know where your visitors come from, who they are and what they do right now. Also it tells you about your visitors via the Web,Email and Twitter,does it in real time and is so easy to integrate in your ...
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    This little program can make an access log for certain pages, and the log file can be analyzed by other log analysis software. If you want to get the combined format log with referer and user agent information, or if you want to know the referer information of certain pages, but your hosting provider doesn't offer access log, or just ...
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