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  1. WP-PostRatings
    269 total visits
    WP-PostRatings adds an AJAX rate system to your WordPress blog. You can easily include a poll into your WordPress's blog post/page. It is extremely customizable via templates and css styles and there are tons of options for you to choose to ensure that WP-Polls runs the way you wanted. It now supports multiple selection of answers.Features of WP-PostRatings:- Adds an ...
  2. FlexPHPNews Pro
    2314 total visits
    FlexPHPNews Pro is a simple and free news admin system. You can add multi-level sub-categories. Users can search the news by keywords, rate the news or send the news to friends. Feature article, Site statistics and News archive are available. Easy for internationalization. All the news are printable. Multiple pictures uploads for the news is allowed. Low price customization service ...
  3. Jerrata DoComments
    2029 total visits
    Do you need to accept, store and display visitors' comments on your personal blog or commercial storefront?Enabling communication with potential customers or fans of your online journal is no longer a problem with DoComments, a single PHP file that, nevertheless, offers a wide range of popular features.Functions of Jerrata DoComments:1) Make comments appear anywhere you want,2) Let your visitors rate ...
  4. No Screenshot
    1714 total visits
    Navelo CMS is an object oriented content management system is developing under Object Oriented Programming concept. All actions can be executed through one instance of the system logic class, distinguishing the system regular users from the administrators Features of Navelo CMS:- Content stored in a SQL database- Smarty templates based presentation- XML configuration files- Content category management- A content rating ...
  5. No Screenshot
    1838 total visits
    Open Hot or Not is a free implementation of the popular Hot or Not people rating website.Developed in php5+mysql, Open Hot or Not allows picture uploading, voting, comments, comment voting, manage a blog, etc...
  6. PHPOLL php - mysql poll system
    2193 total visits
    PHPOLL is a simple poll system written in PHP and mysql. It has an e-mail confirmation (crypted) and an admin-panel. Installation info and amind panel are now in both english and italian language. PHPOLL is free open source.
  7. No Screenshot
    1535 total visits
    Blogs manager is an application for viewing-managing blogs. There can be as many authors you want and they can manage their own blogs and there are comments and rating. It has a field for youtube videos so blogs will be more live!
  8. No Screenshot
    1766 total visits
    Xoops Umfrage is a module for the XOOPS CMS for polls. It derived from xoopspolls with blind voting selectable for each poll and better front end presentation.DE: Modul fr Umfragen fr Xoops mit geheimer Abstimmung und gegenber xoopspoll verbessertem Frontend.
  9. No Screenshot
    2087 total visits
    Books Module for PostNuke will integrate books recommendations into your PostNuke Site. With rating, comments, suggesting of books. Books may have images, descriptions and affiliate links to online bookstores. Code could be easily modified to handle other media objects (DVDs, CDs).
  10. No Screenshot
    2061 total visits
    SyStats, Real-time player ratings and statistics for Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW) and Wolfenstein Enemy Territory (ET). Requirements: - C++- Perl- MySQL- PHP
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