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  1. SpamTrawler
    968 total visits
    SpamTrawler is a Web-Application Firewall which enables you to protect your Website from unwanted visitors and various attacks. With version 2.2 we have now integrated more detailed information on any IP blocked or unblocked, allowing you to query these IP addresses against a variety of online services and/or find “Abuse Contacts”, giving you a point of contact for your “Abuse ...
  2. No Screenshot
    2176 total visits
    CopyTracker is a plagiarism detection software, which is believed to be the best project to protect your system.
  3. ZenTrack - project/bug tracking software
    2806 total visits
    ZenTrack - project/bug tracking software is a highly configurable bug tracking, project management, and help desk solution. Project focus is on configurability, usability, and clean code.Features of ZenTrack - project/bug tracking software:- Workflow and Data Management . Custom fields - add your own dates, numbers, strings, and lists . Behaviors - complex dependencies and lists . Enforce approval and testing ...
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