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  1. Nexty
    1796 total visits
    Nexty is a easy to use GTD tool created in PHP. It can be installed in a local server or in a online web server.
  2. Requirement Heap
    1650 total visits
    Requirement Heap is a web based requirement management application. It allows to enter requirement in rich text, supports versioning and the management of requirements.
  3. No Screenshot
    2086 total visits
    phpChangeLog is a changelog webtool, written in PHP, to maintain ChangeLogs for multiple projects. Maintainers can be added, to keep track of the people updating the project. This program is mainly created for (multiple) server management.
  4. PhpEasyProject
    3542 total visits
    PhpEasyProject, the intranet solution phpEasyProject is an Open Source project management system with based of projects activity management and ToDo lists.
  5. gtd-php
    2016 total visits
    gtd-php, a web-based implementation of Getting Things Done.
  6. No Screenshot
    1067 total visits
    Bug/Feature tracking software for scripts. Currently includes Feature Suggestions, Popularity, Comments, Bug Tracking, Developers, Feature Information, News & Updates System, Member System and heaps more.
  7. No Screenshot
    1523 total visits
    Backdraft propose un ensemble d'outils ddies la gestion de projets pour des groupes de travail. Une interface ergonomique exploitant Ajax, CSS, Flash permet l'utilisateur d'organiser son travail en quipe.
  8. No Screenshot
    2288 total visits
    PHP Project Manager is a web based application for assisting in the organisation of a small project based business. To use the application you will need to be able to use PHP in conjunction with a MySQL database.
  9. No Screenshot
    1120 total visits
    Dit programma is naar aanleiding van een opleiding waarin het de opdracht was om een administratief systeem te ontwikkelen. Hieruit is dit opensource project ontstaan wat de registratie verzorgt van een vuurwerk voorraad systeem.
  10. No Screenshot
    1893 total visits
    DevSite, a web-based project management and development environment written in PHP.It provides a means for developers of a single project or many projects to manage the difficulties of keeping in touch and up to date.
  11. No Screenshot
    1468 total visits
    Athena is a light-weight PHP & MySQL note keeper for teachers and students to keep track of their research projects. It allows to add notes and resource references, and work on multiple projects at once. It's purpose is to keep related data grouped.
  12. No Screenshot
    2231 total visits
    DesignWorks Project Site is a project management web application written in php and mysql. Unlike many of the other project management packages, there is an emphasis on interfacing with clients rather than being geared towards internal use.
  13. No Screenshot
    2235 total visits
    Fprog is a WebTimeSheet Project.
  14. No Screenshot
    2124 total visits
    Centralized Timeregistration System(CTS) is a Software Project Timekeeping Management System. It includes a (linux) server, an administrator/stats website and (linux & windows) clients for submitting registatrations.
  15. No Screenshot
    2052 total visits
    XoopsForge is a Xoops Community development framework plugin - a SourceForge-like clone for team software development and collaboration. With options that make the difference between small and large companies. A stable release is available soon.
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