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    Ixmati is a Business Process Manager written in PHP5 using PostgreSQL 7.4.
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    PG-Nuke is a branch (maybe a fork) of well known PHP-Nuke project. It intends to support PostgreSQL and gives it full PHP-Nuke functionality (not encountered now a days).
  3. Uhura - Web Database Console
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    Work with: MySQL, PostgreSQL, FirebirdSQL. Use PHP, and ExtJS. Browse in Tree: db, table, column, constraint, trigger, view, proc. It has history, and fragments panel. Editor has autocomplete, autoindent. Easy install, unpack in webroot and edit "set.php". Uhura is an OpenSource PHP database project.Please add the admin user/password in set.php (default:uhura/masterkey), if you create a cookie with admin user/password in ...
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