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  1. iBWd News
    1205 total visits
    iBWd News is an easy to install and use news posting script. Just fill in cofig.php, run install.php and you're done. Supports unlimited number of users. Features of iBWd news:- Simple admin interface (add/modify/delete)- mySQL/PHP required- HTML allowed in posts- Multi-user support- 1 administrator and unlimited moderators- Easy to installRequirements:- PHP 4- MySQL 3.22.29
  2. No Screenshot
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    With the help of ArticleTrader Post plugin for Wordpress, to post any articles at http://www.articletrader.com to your wordpress blog with almost zero effort. ArticleTrader Post plugin for Wordpress is an easy way to get quality, relevant content to your blog.
  3. No Screenshot
    1745 total visits
    CourierAdmin is a new Manager for the Courier Mailserver. It supports LDAP, MySQL, PGSQL as UserStore and Text or LDAP for aliases. Writen in PHP.
  4. Chipmunk Stories
    754 total visits
    Chipmunk stories is a multi-story system where users come and post their additions to the current story, its kind of like madlibs. It is a PHP/MYSQL powered system, it includes infinte stories and bad words filter. The admin panel, lets you create and delete stories, delete individual posts and search for individual posts
  5. AlkalinePHP
    2281 total visits
    AlkalinePHP is a complete site-engine including site-user management, internal messaging, news posting, forums, site skinning/themes, and the ability to add future plugins/components.
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