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  1. Podcast Generator
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    Podcast Generator is a free web based podcast publishing script written in PHP: upload media files (audio-video) via a web form along with episode information and automatically create podcast w3c-compliant feed including iTunes specific tags. Generator allows you to publish your audio and video podcasts in a few steps. It also features a comprehensive web administration.Podcast Main Features:- Very easy ...
  2. Inwicast Mediacenter
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    Inwicast Mediacenter adds multimedia capabilities to Claroline and Moodle so that teachers can easily publish, manage and share audio and video podcasts in various formats. Inwicast Mediacenter can also manage videos hosted on servers like Youtube.
  3. PodAdmin - Web-based podcast management
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    PodAdmin is a very simple web-based podcast management tool. Upload your new episode via web form, PodAdmin will then grab title and description from the ID3 tags and generate a new RSS feed on your website.Requirements:- PHP - MySQL
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