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    Xspfphp is a free xspf playlist generator and music player, written in PHP. Generates valid xspf from mp3 tags. Includes the JW player and an AutoEmbed script. See documentation link up to your right for more information.Requirements:- Requires a web server running PHP 5.2 or later.- Caching requires a MySql database and create/delete table permissions- Should work with most web ...
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    Easy XML - XSPF Playlist Generator, when configured properly, will scan a desired folder for all of the MP3s and image files and will create a playlist for you on-the-fly. This will also work with ANY Online MP3 Player that uses an XML or XSPF Playlist.
  3. Monocle Radio
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    Monocle Radio is a lighteight web frontend written in PHP to the Music Player Daemon. It supports navigating the playlist, browsing and searching the MPD database, and a basic privilege system with users.
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    Just upload files on your server and point to your home page. With Easy Music Box, users can play music files on demand or create their own playlists, which will be generated dynamically and played in the embedded player. All without a database!!
  5. Agatha - mp3 Your Way
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    Agatha is a web based mp3 playing system that allows the home user or office group to stream music, create, manage and share play lists and control the playing of music on a remote system. Agatha needs no database.
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    Radio404, a request-based dynamic playlist and file retrieval engine for Internet streaming radio schemes.
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    WMJ is a PHP based jukebox for playing MP3 music straight from your Linux server. It creates a database of all your MP3 files with detailed header information(ID3). The jukebox can play in random, single and playlist mode.
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