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  1. Plogger
    3007 total visits
    Plogger is the next generation in open-source photo gallery systems. A web application not bloated with superfluous features or complicated configuration settings. Plogger is a simple yet powerful tool — everything you need to share your images with the world.Plogger is your photos integrated into your website, a fully featured photo sharing package with an attractive and easy to use ...
  2. pChart
    1541 total visits
    pChart is a top of the line PHP charting utility which works by taking statistical data from various sources (SQL database, CSV, XML, etc.) and graphically rendering it using PHP. Features of pChart:- Object oriented interface- Scaling and units- Sandbox engine- Multiple scales support- Spline, cubic curves- Functions computing- Slope computation- Means & deviation computing- Native anti-aliasing- Alpha-transparency- Shadow support- ...
  3. Chevereto
    546 total visits
    Chevereto is a free and open source PHP project designed to set up one-click image hosting on your own web server just under your rules. Closures and restrictions shall never be a problem for you. Chevereto is a nice and extensible alternative to services like imageshack.Feature of Chevereto:- Unbeatable user interface: One click and upload your images, either from your ...
  4. singapore
    1960 total visits
    singapore is a light weight, open source, template-driven image gallery web application features for multilingual. This smallest big gallery is written in PHP 4 and requires no database.What's New in This Release Version 0.10.1 singapore:- fixed template security issue- access control settings are inherited by child galleries- fixed image hits total- updated modern template (see separate changelog)
  5. phpAlbum
    2452 total visits
    phpAlbum is an Open Source PHP project which allows you to create your personal Photo Gallery/Album in just a seconds. All you need is a web space with FTP access. No database is needed. After a few clicks with our phpAlubm.net Installer you are ready to upload your photos, create new directories /galleries, and use your photo album. Features of ...
  6. iFoto
    2427 total visits
    This is yet another Web-based PHP photo gallery called, iFoto. iFoto use 90% CSS-based layout and can be customize to use normal HTML layout. Using PHP and GD2 library make this application an awesome yet simple web-based photo gallery! Requirements:- PHP 4+- GD2- Apache webserver (or another PHP enabled webserver)
  7. Zoph
    2337 total visits
    Zoph is a PHP web-based digital image album manager and can be used in various ways, to store and organize photo albums, create product showcases and even keep professional online portfolios. Features of Zoph:- Automatically extract EXIF metadata from the photo- Give every photo a title and a description- Create albums- Organize images by categories- Manage users and access permissions- ...
  8. Moa Gallery
    2015 total visits
    Moa is an image gallery for people that just want to put up images, not have an entire image social system (ratings, comments, etc). It supports sub-galleries, bulk-uploads and we are trying to make it as easy to use as we can.Features of Moa:- Create galleries and sub-galleries.- Images are put into galleries based on keyword tags.- Images can appear ...
  9. SUPA - Screenshot UPload Applet
    1873 total visits
    Supa aims to implement an easy way of uploading images from the local clipboard to a remote server. It's our goal to make supa very easy to adapt to other projects.
  10. FreeGallery
    1897 total visits
    FreeGallery is a small PHP photo gallery system. There are not many requires of setting file permissions as writable for the webserver or a connection to a database. It is designed to fit into the gap this category, this allows for very portable gallery systems to be created, and even distributed with a small webserver on image CDs or in ...
  11. InterPhoto Image Gallery
    2430 total visits
    InterPhoto Gallery is an open-source software, and it can primely protect the images of your site. InterPhoto can be used to build all kinds of sites which lay out images mainly, such as: design, fashion, exhibition, photograph, painting sites...
  12. Simlery
    2127 total visits
    Semlery is free and easy to handle photo gallery management written in PHP language. You can add photos to your albums without subdivisons limit. Features of Simlery: - very easy to setup and install, - based on Flat Files,- XHTML 1.1 compliant, - WAI compliant, - very easy to customize, - WYSIWYG editor, - SEO tools and more.
  13. My Image Gallery
    1857 total visits
    Mig is a photo album / image gallery management system. It is written in PHP and requires nothing but PHP to operate. Any version of PHP4 and PHP5 will work.Utilities are included to do things like thumbnail creation, extraction of EXIF headers from JPEG files and so forth. Those tools require Perl and (for thumbnail generation) ImageMagick. You do not ...
  14. No Screenshot
    1994 total visits
    PHP eXhibition is a PHP/MySQL Visual Art Publishing System. Phpexhibition is designed for use by artists, art dealers, art galleries or just about anyone who wants to display visual art online. PHPeXhibition is under active development, and is looking for both developers and testers.
  15. Taknshare
    1881 total visits
    Taknshare, a Platform written in PHP to share, publish your photos with your family from your own server. With gestion of members, albums, categories, comment and votes ...
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