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  1. Slim
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    The framework comes with lots of useful features out of the box and is perfect for building RESTful web applications.Slim created by Josh Lockhart is inspired by Ruby's Sinatra framework.Features of Slim Framework:- http caching- HTTP routing- Named route- Route passing- Route redirects- Route halting- Middleware & Hooks- Custom views- Custom 404 page- Custom 500 page- Error and exception handling- ...
  2. Atomik framework
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    Atomik is an one-file PHP framework, which is a great tool for developing small to medium PHP web applications. Features of Atomik:- Build with the KISS principle in mind- Download and start, no configuration- Simple and powerful API- Contains everything to create a website- Great plugin system- Perfect for small/medium web sites- Manage database connection and cache- Divide application logic ...
  3. QCubed
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    QCubed is a rapid web development PHP framework which is a developer's tool that mashes up lots of open source tools and technologies for easing up project development. Features of QCubed:- OOP core- On top of jQuery- Plugins- Docs- Code generator- UI library What's New in This Version:- Added Last/First day of month function to QDateTime.- Make QApplication::GenerateQueryString more generic.- ...
  4. EuropaPHP
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    EuropaPHP is an extremely fast, flexible and lightweight PHP MVC framework. It can be used to create complex PHP applications, without re-writing the same code again and again. Features of EuropaPHP:- Striving for blazing speed and scalability- Very small footprint- API- KISS Principle- Respect concepts such as Loose Coupling and Functional Cohesion- Follow widely-used and well-documented coding standards such as ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    Osezno PHP Framework is a PHP 5 framework for developing web applications. Osezno PHP Framework breaks that division through simplicity, ensuring quality in the development of the code, a high degree of readability and organization of the same when apply your code style.Osezno PHP Framework allows you to:Define Html templates with areas of work that can be replaced with content, ...
  6. KISS
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    KISS is a PHP web framework based on PHP5's OO (object oriented) model. It has inbuild ORM module, MVC, multiple DB, Caching and Ajax support.This framework is very easy to use and it will increase the time needed for your projects.
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