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  1. gelato CMS
    1735 total visits
    The gelato project is open source (you can use and change the original source code freely). The post formats found on gelato include photos, video, audio, links, quotes and dialogues.
  2. Pixelpost Photoblog
    1524 total visits
    If you're interested in setting up a photoblog, Pixelpost Photoblog might be for you. Heavily geared towards photobloggers, pixelpost comes with all the features that's been set as standard by the photoblogging community, keeping every level of photography skill in mind.The setup is a breeze and you'll get going in no-time. The look is completely customizable with a simple template ...
  3. Cheesecake Photoblog
    2219 total visits
    Cheesecake Photoblog is a photoblog application written using PHP and MySQL and the cakePHP framework, It has a clean MVC code architecture. The URLs generated are clean and Search Engine Friendly. The comment system has SPAM protection via Akismet as well as a 'Black List'. Cheesecake is easily theme-able and extensible using add-ons.Cheesecake Photoblog also features tagging, RSS feeds, multiple ...
  4. No Screenshot
    1499 total visits
    photoblog/mms is an easy to intergrate php script that will put photos that you made with your PHONE right on your WEBSITE! It can be with any phone that supports making photos (duh) and email, so also with imode and vodafone live.All you need is a pop3 email address, a website that supports php with imap support, and a MySQL ...
  5. Yappa-ng
    2221 total visits
    Yappa-ng is a very powerful but easy to install and easy to use online PHP photo gallery for all Operating Systems (Linux/UNIX, Windows, MAC, ...), and all Webservers (Apache, IIS, ...) with no need for a DataBase (no MySQL,...).Features of Yappa-ng:- easy, fast and intuitive _webbased_ setup- Special webbased "Safe Mode Setup" to install yappa-ng on servers with safe_mode enabled ...
  6. Minishowcase
    1566 total visits
    Minishowcase is a small and simple php/javascript online photo gallery, powered by AJAX that allows you to easily show your images online, without complex databases or coding, allowing to have an up-and-running gallery in a few minutes.Features of Minishowcase:- New interface: easier at-a-glance thumbnail navigation and a clean layout.- Simple galleries: just upload a folder full of images to your ...
  7. Gallery
    1852 total visits
    Gallery is an open source web based photo album organizer. After years of development, this is one of the most complete and advanced tools for managing a photo album. Features of Gallery:- Graphic installer- Admin dashboard- Manage multiple albums- Easy photo uploader- Login system- Users management- Slideshow mode- Image comments- Tag cloud- Search system- Subscribe via email to a photo ...
  8. Zoph
    2337 total visits
    Zoph is a PHP web-based digital image album manager and can be used in various ways, to store and organize photo albums, create product showcases and even keep professional online portfolios. Features of Zoph:- Automatically extract EXIF metadata from the photo- Give every photo a title and a description- Create albums- Organize images by categories- Manage users and access permissions- ...
  9. FreeGallery
    1897 total visits
    FreeGallery is a small PHP photo gallery system. There are not many requires of setting file permissions as writable for the webserver or a connection to a database. It is designed to fit into the gap this category, this allows for very portable gallery systems to be created, and even distributed with a small webserver on image CDs or in ...
  10. InterPhoto Image Gallery
    2430 total visits
    InterPhoto Gallery is an open-source software, and it can primely protect the images of your site. InterPhoto can be used to build all kinds of sites which lay out images mainly, such as: design, fashion, exhibition, photograph, painting sites...
  11. Simlery
    2127 total visits
    Semlery is free and easy to handle photo gallery management written in PHP language. You can add photos to your albums without subdivisons limit. Features of Simlery: - very easy to setup and install, - based on Flat Files,- XHTML 1.1 compliant, - WAI compliant, - very easy to customize, - WYSIWYG editor, - SEO tools and more.
  12. My Image Gallery
    1857 total visits
    Mig is a photo album / image gallery management system. It is written in PHP and requires nothing but PHP to operate. Any version of PHP4 and PHP5 will work.Utilities are included to do things like thumbnail creation, extraction of EXIF headers from JPEG files and so forth. Those tools require Perl and (for thumbnail generation) ImageMagick. You do not ...
  13. No Screenshot
    1994 total visits
    PHP eXhibition is a PHP/MySQL Visual Art Publishing System. Phpexhibition is designed for use by artists, art dealers, art galleries or just about anyone who wants to display visual art online. PHPeXhibition is under active development, and is looking for both developers and testers.
  14. Taknshare
    1881 total visits
    Taknshare, a Platform written in PHP to share, publish your photos with your family from your own server. With gestion of members, albums, categories, comment and votes ...
  15. PHPture
    1938 total visits
    With PHPture, you can access your library with pictures made with Apple Aperture from any computer through a web browser over a network. PHPture is written in PHP and can be used and modified free of charge.
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