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  1. PDML
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    PDML is an informal markup language written in PHP that is similar to HTML.PDML is built on top of FPDF, it is a PHP PDF project.It allows for the creation of complex PDF documents and can also be used in conjunction with PHP, to define templates which can generate dynamic PDF documents.
  2. dotlan ticket
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    Dotlan ticket is a module for DOTLAN to provide Online-Tickets with a Barcode. Features of dotlan ticket:- Online-Ticket- Barcode- DOTLAN
  3. PHP Pdf creation
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    PHP Pdf creates pdf documents using PHP, without installing any modules. Comprises a base class which performs all the pdf creation, and an extension class (ezPdf) to allow simple document creation.PHP Pdf allows you generate PDF files.
  4. Lithron
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    Lithron is a CSS2 compatible PDF renderer for XML templates based on PDFlib written in PHP5. It's super-slim and comes with a lot of features, like image import and unicode support.Lithron a BSD-licensed CSS2 compatible PDF-Renderer is written in PHP5 which touches down on the PDFlib. It is an OpenSource PHP PDF project. Lithron processes XML-Templates to ready PDF files. ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    OrgCharter is a PHP/MySQL based system to create organisation charts with detailed employee information and photographs. Skills and other information can be added as well. The organisation chart can also be printed as PDF. The orgcharts are navigable.
  6. No Screenshot
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    Qualinnove Extensions for Egroupware is professional Extensions modules for Egroupware. Issue, decision and risk mgmt, Meeting Agenda/Report, Project Capitalisation PDF for every egw modules, objective mgmt, project team and calendar, dashboard, ISO 15504 SPICE Process Description are included in this project.
  7. No Screenshot
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    This is a PHP addressbook web application to store contact details of employees/customers in utf8 format on an intranet or website. The Address Book Reloaded features for Google Maps, distributed management, PDF address books, plugins, styles.
  8. Html2ps
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    PHP equivalent to the popular Perl script by the same name. Accurately converts W3C 4 HTML, images, complex tables (including rowspan/colspan), layers/divs, and CSS styles. Html2ps is a free PHP PDF class. Render pages as PDF documents or PostScript files. Options available for FPdf generation, form processing, PDFLib support, and many more!Features of Html2ps: - Supports nested tables, - advanced ...
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    ERYX is a flexible, fast and easy-to-use XML content management system with a whole bunch of integration opportunities for XHTML, Flash, InDesign, PDF, and any web-based software that makes excessive use of XML-files. ERYX is fully driven by a native XML database. It is written in PHP and uses XPath and DOM to navigate through the database, for making database ...
  10. No Screenshot
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    PDF Annotation Engine enables on-line group discussion and revisioning of PDF documents. PDF Annotation Engine is free PHP PDF software.
  11. IEP-IPP
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    IEP-IPP, individual Program Plan / Individualized Education Program software. Manages information on the instructional program for a student with special needs.What's new in IEP-IPP:- Spellchecking added (php pspell libraries)- Program plan duplications added- Font on objectives fixed on PDF- Password change problem fixed- More Signatures on PDF- File upload problem with php5 fixed
  12. PDFdirectory
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    PDFdirectory, creation of a printable directory in pdf format. It is a free PHP PDF project. This application is designed to save time and frustration in the process of creating a printable directory for your organization. Much of the difficulty is in the exchange of information from group members to whomever is assigned the task of creating the directory. This ...
  13. No Screenshot
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    Peters PHP PDF Report, a PHP5 class, which capable to generate PDF report (w optional sections like pageheader, reportheader, content etc..) based on fpdf class.Peter PHP PDF is a free PHP Blog project. It support database variable using in xml filesThe report is defined in xml, groups' definitions and variable replacement from any database are supported.Requirements:-usint UTF-8 as default -using ...
  14. pdfDOM
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    pdfdom is a library to build PDF documents using a document object model. This makes it easy for developers to build complex documents.
  15. No Screenshot
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    xslfo2pdf, an xsl-fo/svg to PDFconverter written in plain PHP.NOTE: DEVELOPMENT STOPPED.
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