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  1. PhpPathFinder
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    PhpPathFinder is a multiuser php filemanager, with configurable autorization level in one text file (no db required). With the project PhpPathFinder, it is never a hard mission to manage files.
  2. No Screenshot
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    OpenDataCenter Network Management System is an Open DataCenter Network Management System. It makes it possible to manage at network level a DataCenter. You can manage locations (rack, patch panel, port), customers, networks (subnet, ip address, vlan), devices (slot, interface), etc ...OpenDataCenter Network Management System is composed of different elements:- Physics: locations, racks, patch panels, cables;- Network: switches, routers, firewalls, etc...
  3. OpenCabling
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    OpenCabling is a program to document, manage and organize the active and passive parts (from campus distributors to floor distributors) of a networking infrastructure. With OpenCabling you can track all your patch and follow the path of your cabling.
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