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  1. ThimbleDoc
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    This is a PHP documentator project. It is simple, straightforward and easy to customize to fit your needs. It has two main parts. Parser and displayer. Default displayer creates XHTML formatted pages. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    PhpMyProfiler is a php/mysql-script to parse and display DVDProfiler data on your Website, which is written in Php.
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    PhpiCalLib, a PHP library providing an iCalendar parser and object creator. It is object orientated, unit tested, and conforms strictly to the latest iCalendar standard (the successor to RFC2445).
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    LIME Parser generator for PHP, complete LALR(1) parser generator and engine (like BISON or YACC) but it's all done in PHP, and the input grammar is easier and more maintainable.Write your actions in PHP. Generate PHP output code. Drive your parser with PHP. Wanna make a language?
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    MiniXML is a simple API to generate and parse XML. It's advantages are ease-of-use and the fact that no additional libraries are required.MiniXML provides classes for XML documents and elements in either a 100% PHP or a 100% Perl implementation.
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    WebSecurityTester, set of libraries and user-interfaces usefull to test the vulnerabilty of web applications.By simulating HTTP request and parse the response we can detect some of the most important bugs in the web-application system or in some other software layer.
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    Test Suites Results Parser and Browser aims to provide a web interface (based on PHP/MySQL) to browse and analyse logfiles of Open POSIX TestSuite runs. It will be extended to support other conformance-type testsuites (Linux Test Project, ...) as well.
  8. Ps and Qs: Processing QTI using PHP
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    Ps and Qs: Processing QTI using PHP, a lightweight PHP library for interpreting IMS QTI files. This is a very simple framework which sits on top of PHP's "Expat" XML parser, intended largely as a template for using QTI in PHP applications - but includes a basic test-taking functionality.
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    PhpSERA is a PHP search engine project which primarily aims to creat a free tool for analyzing search engine ranking for websites. PhpSERA is a PHP/MySQL-based tool for Search Engine Ranking Analysis (SERA). The rankings are based on parsing output of search engines, using simple regular expressions.PhpSERA connects to the search engines, parses the result pages and displays a ranking ...
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    Parser parses Windows-like config file.
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