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    Protoforge is a collaborative open systems engineering web application that allows for organizing and voting on information that is necessary for building a prototype of any kind of system.
  2. EnterTrack
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    EnterTrack is an enterprise-level issue management system written in PHP. It is derived from Issue-Tracker v4.0.1 and adds a number of features particularly useful to larger groups. EnterTrack provides large organizations with start-to-finish tracking of artifacts (artifacts can be problems, bugs, requests, projects, etc.), group collaboration for artifact management, and status reports for high-level performance metrics.
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    MtxEventManager is a unique, powerful and easy--to-use tool to fully manage any kind of event. Thank's to a wide range of functions with MtxEventManager is it possible to organize and establish a communication flow between the organizer and their guest.
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    Raidmaxx is a online Raid organizer-Tool for World of Warcraft guilds. With raidmaxx guilds are able to organize and manage their raids and events, inlcuding user and character management.
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    Costshare Tracker is a simple program designed to help schools and non-profit organizations manage their federal grants by keeping track of project services and non-federal match contributions.
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    The RedBaron Network Inventory System is a powerful web-based program used to track IT assets across an organization. RNIS can manage multiple clients and locations, asset history, network IP address managment, and work force billing/expense reporting.
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    PHP Todo List Manager is a full-featured Multi-User ToDo List manager supporting RSS feeds, custom categories, and more. Features of PHP Todo List Manager:- Multi-User- Intuitive User Interface- Custom RSS and ATOM Feeds- User Configurable- Easy Setup- Free, Open Source Solution
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    How many times you look for an object in your home and search into any box, any closet and drawer without find nothing?? Home Inventory is a free, light-weight MySQL/PHP web application aims to quickly organize and find objects.
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    Gsys (pronounced "Jesus") aims to be a complete management system for Greek organizations (fraternity/sorority). It is coded from the perspective of a chapter treasurer with plans to address user management, financial, and PR concerns.
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    Central Case Management System (CCMS) is designed to allow multiple organisations and paralegal offices to access, input and modify a central database of case records.
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    ComicFlow is a full featured, highly customized Open Source package for collecting and organizing comics. The package has a user friendly interface, a simple and straightforward administration panel. It is simply the number one tool for comic collectors.
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    CiteMan is a web-based citation manager that allows researchers to store references in an organized manner. Ultimately, it will offer many more, unique features than the ones offered by most current proprietary citation managers.
  13. paperasse
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    paperasse is a software for personal home mails and bills management. With paperasse it's easier to find a mail you received or sent using the software database entries. Limitations:paperasse is available in french only for the moment.
  14. The Address Book
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    The Address Book is a free, open source address management system, utilizing the combined power of PHP scripting and MySQL databases to provide a flexible, robust system allowing users to add a virtually unlimited number of addresses and other info.Key Features of The Address Book:- Utilizes the combined power of PHP scripting and MySQL databases- Flexible, robust system allows you ...
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    PhpAlumni is an web-based alumni management written in PHP/MySQL. It enables former students to stay in touch, post job offerings, search for people, spread news or organize reunions.
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