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  1. SimpleID
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    SimpleID is a simple, personal OpenID provider written in PHP. OpenID is a way to provide for a single digital identity across the Internet. To get an OpenID you need to sign up to an OpenID provider, who acts as the "custodian" of your digital identity. Every time you want to log into an OpenID-enabled web site, you will be ...
  2. HybridAuth
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    HybridAuth, a free and open source web-based PHP Social Networking service project enables users to authenticate in your blog, Web site or application using their OpenID, Twitter, Facebook, MySpaceID, Google, AOL, Friendster or Vimeo Accounts. HybridAuth is one and simple SSO PHP Library.HybridAuth is an authentication and authorisation solution to combine the strengths of several major social networks and Identity ...
  3. Community-ID
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    Communmity ID is a free and Open Source PHP project to help users keek track of their trusted sites and manage then, it is an OpenID implementation in PHP which is OpenID 2.0 complaint. The login to C-ID could be username/password or a One Time Password with Yubikey, users can have multiple profiles like private or business contact information.What's New ...
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