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  1. MercuryBoard
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    MercuryBoard is a bulletin board script written in Object-Oriented PHP. It utilizes a mySQL database, with support for more database programs in the near future. MercuryBoard aims to be the fastest, least server intensive, fully featured bulletin board.
  2. zentaophp
    221 total visits
    ZenTaoPHP is a ligteweight php framework written in OOP. The aim of the project is to develop web application quickly and freely. It's also the base of ZenTaoMS, a management system.
  3. No Screenshot
    2141 total visits
    Jbilling-php-api is a PHP 5 API wrapper for The Enterprise Open Source Billing solution, jbilling. This wrapper abstracts the native java JBillingAPIFactory to allow full integration with JBilling from PHP.
  4. No Screenshot
    2033 total visits
    My Object Oriented Form offers an easy way to create, manage and manipulate Web Form elements in PHP OO.
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