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  1. Xoops Cube Project
    279 total visits
    XOOPS Cube is an open-source content management system which helps webmasters create dynamic content websites with great ease. It is an ideal tool for developing small to large community websites, intranet portals, corporate websites and many more. Features of XOOPS Cube Project:- RSS Aggregation & Generation- User and Group Management- jQuery Support- Comments- File Manager- Themes and Templates- Simple, Secure, ...
  2. FastFrame
    952 total visits
    FastFrame: An application framework written in PHP that allows for rapid development of secure and robust applications. By utilizing object-oriented programming, design patterns, and PEAR libraries it allows both small and large development teams to achieve their goals in a fast and efficient manner.By developing an application in FastFrame you immediately gain the benefit of the following features: - Tested ...
  3. Power2php
    617 total visits
    Power2php is a simple (very much), open source, easy to expand (upgrade), highly efficient, lightweight object-oriented PHP MVC development framework. Power2php goal is the world's most simple, practical development framework.
  4. phpWork
    937 total visits
    phpWork is an event-driven(EDP), component-based web framework similar as architecture to ASP.NET. It is a tool, which will help you to build any php-based website in a very very easy, fast, reliable, safe and well-organized way. It comes with 40+ components, 70+ demos and many tutorials. The framework has very short learning curve, so anyone can start using it efficiently ...
  5. Adaptive Website Framework (AWF)
    1770 total visits
    Adaptive Website Framework (AWF) is a modern content management system and development framework. Most of its code is object-oriented and very easy to extend.It features support for multiple Web sites and languages, content versioning, caching, community portal functions (online list, forums, instant messages, newsletters, weblogs, trackbacks, wiki, etc.), image upload and galleries, a lexicon, a modular full-text search engine, an ...
  6. No Screenshot
    1573 total visits
    Yupi is content management system that you can easily extend and customize. Build using OOP style and has native support for nice directory urls. Customized trough themes and templates.
  7. PHP MicroCMS - Web Content Management System
    2310 total visits
    MicroCMS (PHP MCMS) is a simple, but very powerful Content Management System that everyone can use. The PHP MCMS can be installed easily by web developers, webmasters, graphic designers, etc. PHP MCMS was developed in OOP and allows users to build websites in a few minutes. PHP MicroCMS allows users with very little technical knowledge to build websites, as done ...
  8. No Screenshot
    1714 total visits
    Navelo CMS is an object oriented content management system is developing under Object Oriented Programming concept. All actions can be executed through one instance of the system logic class, distinguishing the system regular users from the administrators Features of Navelo CMS:- Content stored in a SQL database- Smarty templates based presentation- XML configuration files- Content category management- A content rating ...
  9. ThinkPHP
    2009 total visits
    ThinkPHP is a fast, compatible and simple OOP PHP framework. It provides built-in support for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL (pgsql) and SQLite. Features of ThinkPHP:- MVC PHP Framework- Supports UTF-8- Plugin mechanism- Template Engine- RBAC controls- Multi-databases support Requirements:- PHP 4 or Higher
  10. phpDays - flexible php5 framework
    2224 total visits
    Framework phpDays - flexible php framework for rapid web site development. Using MVC, logging, yaml configurations, php5 class autoloading, support all databases.phpDays - flexible php5 framework is based on strict php5 OOP and php design patterns.
  11. sphex framework
    1868 total visits
    Sphex is a light and easy to use OOP PHP 5 Framework using the AMF binary format as a gateway for your Flex or Flash applications and any PDO enabled database. This project is using Zend_AMF and the Doctrine ORM. The goal is to radically speed up the PHP development process: you just have to create some service PHP classes ...
  12. Tequila
    2309 total visits
    Tequila PHP framework, Create applications in minutes, fast, powerful and clean code.The project implements MVC + OO + DAO's + VO's + Workflow ready, security ready, Multi-database, multi-language, templatable.Features of Tequila:- Lightweight- Full MVC pattern- View strategies- Easy to extend- Reusable code- Multiple database- Multilanguage applications- Templateable applications- UTF-8 Support- 100% OOP- Auto-loading- Robust, advanced security- Code generator- Workflow engine- ...
  13. No Screenshot
    2039 total visits
    Google APIlity PHP Library for AdWords provides an object-oriented means to easily access and manage the Google Adwords API from within PHP. It comes along with an abstraction from the SOAP and WSDL details. With the AdWords API you can not only manage and organize your accounts more efficiently, easily and smoothly, but also more creatively. Using the API, you ...
  14. Leaf Framework
    1734 total visits
    Leaf framework is a Greek open source MVC framework in PHP. The project features simple, fast, with a small footprint, easily extensible using PHP5`s new Object Oriented capabilities and well documented.
  15. No Screenshot
    1858 total visits
    phpAWE is object oriented php library designed to help building webpages. It provides some highly abstract classes that could be easily extended to model desired data structures. More information is included in source code. Documentation coming soon!
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