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    Fabriq Framework is an OOP and MVC framework for PHP developers. It provides a system for PHP developers to separate their code's business logic from the content itself, providing a more fine-grained control on how the website or PHP application is loaded, displayed and how it behaves. On the other site, using an MVC development pattern also ensures developers will ...
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    Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 PWF is a lightweight but powerful framework for creating web applications with clean code and clear architecture. PWF is focused on making the code to make sense in an MVC OOP implementation. Clean URL routing and method used depending on the request type – event. Caching methods and AJAX utilities, database abstraction and object ...
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    JAOSS is a lightweight OOP MVC PHP framework and stands for Just Another Open Source System.Features of JAOSS:- Database connector- Logger- Sessions- Image manipulation- Email handler- Caching- Error handling, and many moreRequirements:- PHP 5.2 or HigherLimitations:- No documentation yet. Will be available in the future.
  4. QCubed
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    QCubed is a rapid web development PHP framework which is a developer's tool that mashes up lots of open source tools and technologies for easing up project development. Features of QCubed:- OOP core- On top of jQuery- Plugins- Docs- Code generator- UI library What's New in This Version:- Added Last/First day of month function to QDateTime.- Make QApplication::GenerateQueryString more generic.- ...
  5. Swiftlet
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    Swiftlet is a light-weight web application framework written in PHP. It is an open source PHP Framework. It enables you to quickly deploy websites that are fast and secure.A plugin installer will allow the developer to add and remove features as he likes or sees fit for his project. The default layout is purposely kept simple to permit quick and ...
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    This is an OOP-based PHP framework which allows application development in an OOP manner, similar to the way C# ASP.NET and Java developers write their code.Features of phpRaise:- Easier and gentle learning curve for new and transiting developers- High compatibility across platforms- Strict Object-Oriented Development Platform- Component based framework with flexibility, high encapsulation and re-usability you need- Rigorously tested with ...
  7. IrisMVC
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    IrisMVC is an OOP PHP framework that developers can use as a strong and secure foundation to build on various web applications following the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. It provides the basic functionality developers need, without reinventing the wheel, so the learning curve is dramatically short and they should be able to start using it at full capacity in days.In comparision ...
  8. NanoMVC
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    NanoMVC is a web development framework with a focus on rapid development, simplicity and freedom. This is an OOP and MVC PHP framework for seasoned programmers. NanoMVC was developed so it can handle large-scale and complex web applications. NanoMVC runs on any standard LAMP/WAMP/MAMP stacks. It supports modules to separate code.Features of NanoMVC:- Modules- Namespaces- Configs- Global Constants- Global Functions- ...
  9. Adroit
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    Adroit is a lightweight PHP 5 MVC Framework designed to help you develop faster. The main motivation behind Adroit is to keep it simple, but provide useful features that developers want. This PHP Framework will help you developing experience better whether you are just beginning web-application development or a seasoned veteran. Features of Adroit PHP 5 MVC Framework:- Rapid development- ...
  10. MicroMVC PHP Framework
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    MicroMVC PHP Framework offers model, library, controller, function and view management designed especially for developers who are new to the Model View Controller world of OOP. It teaches how MVC framework with a simple-to-understand code structure, it provides a base speed for comparing frameworks like Zend and CodeIgniter. It is also a Framework to run smaill scripts and systems(like blogs) ...
  11. Alloy PHP Framework
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    Alloy is a lightweight REST-centered Hierarchical MVC PHP Framework features for simple and elegant object-oriented design. It is also a modular organization, REpresentational State Transfer (REST) is a core part of Module architecture, and is built-in and accounted for from the beginning, not bolted-on as an afterthought.Features of Alloy PHP Framework:- Lightweight- Modular organization- Hierarchical MVC (HMVC)- REST-centered- Command line ...
  12. Target CMS
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    Target CMS (TCMS) is an all-PHP Content Management System, using MySQL to hold all textual site content and providing an easy-to-use admin interface for site owners to manage their pages and add new ones. This PHP CMS implements a complete website using just PHP classes with supporting CSS and Javascript files. It is also a content management system for editors. ...
  13. Kohana Framework
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    Kohana is an elegant swift HMVC PHP framework built using PHP5, it provides a rich set of components for building web applications. Very little configuration required in this framework, it fully supports UTF-8 and i18n, and provides many of the tools that a developer needs within a highly flexible system. The integrated class auto-loading, cascading filesystem, highly consistent API, and ...
  14. Yellow Duck Framework
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    The Yellow Duck Framework is an object oriented framework that will help you with creating web applications. It's implemented using the popular PHP web scripting language. It is based on the idea of requests that can perform actions. Each request is a separate entity in the web application that takes care of a certain number of (related) actions. Each action ...
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    bBlog is a blogging program written in OOP style PHP. Major features include threaded comments and trackback support. It is designed from the ground up to use the Smarty templating engine. It has unparalleled extendability and versility.
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