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  1. Adventure PHP Framework
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    The Adventure PHP Framework (APF) understands itself as a utility to implement object oriented and generic PHP web applications. It supports the developer in creating programs in compliance with approved software design patterns. Its code base already has answers to many day-to-day problems. The framework cannot be described as an application that only has to be configured but rather as ...
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    This is a PHP script to easily catalog and index personal items. It supports organizing objects in categories and brands. Because of the way its built, it can be used to keep inventories for about any kind of objects.Features of Cartboard Box Manager:- AJAX or PHP interface- MVC architecture- Translatable: easily translate it in your language- Updates checkRequirements:- PHP 5 ...
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    POP is - Persistent Objects for PHP - is a library intended to make simple ORM for the main databases existent in the market - PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL. Complete OO and making use of PDO, it also secures your project against SQL Injection.
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    PhpiCalLib, a PHP library providing an iCalendar parser and object creator. It is object orientated, unit tested, and conforms strictly to the latest iCalendar standard (the successor to RFC2445).
  5. OpenDataBag
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    OpenDataBag is object database with web interface. Full text search over whole database, live reports, secure and stable.
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    POG (PHP Object Generator) saves the PHP developer time by generating tested and efficient PHP Objects. The programming pattern behind POG is Object-Relational Mapping also known as Active Record or Persistence Layer. Above all else, the generated code has been designed to be extremely clean, easy to understand and use. Put simply, whenever you're programming with PHP and a database, ...
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    Jbilling-php-api is a PHP 5 API wrapper for The Enterprise Open Source Billing solution, jbilling. This wrapper abstracts the native java JBillingAPIFactory to allow full integration with JBilling from PHP.
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    From an xml-defined data-schema, a db schema and a php object model is generated with getters/setters, db persistence, html form templates and html post/data reception.
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