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  1. WebSite-PHP
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    WebSite-PHP is a fully OOP PHP framework, which comes with plenty of documentation to get developers started on their own PHP-driven website, with the help of a fully working OOP framework. USing WebSite-PHP reduces development time, by not re-using the same code over and over again. MySQL support is provided out of the box in cases where a database might ...
  2. toKernel
    117 total visits
    toKernel is a fully Object-Oriented extensible framework with philosopy. The main goal is to 'Make website or CMS developments simple and flexible'. By design, the framework's kernel is monolithic which brings a lot of advantages. It is NOT a loader for a mere collection of scripts. The versatility of this framework allows you to create web applications, command line applications ...
  3. XP Framework
    237 total visits
    XP Framework is a fully featured PHP object oriented framework. The framework offers consistent, multi-purpose, object oriented, production-tested collection of scripts, APIs for app server connectivity, web services, dynamic web sites, date access and manipulation, logging, collections, I/O, databases, O/R mapping, XML, unittesting, and much more. It also implements many common programming patterns used with C# or Java. Features of ...
  4. Spiral
    228 total visits
    This is a PHP 5.3 framework for creating web apps. Spiral is an object-oriented framework. It's main features is that it comes with tools and facilities to incorporated other well knowns frameworks.As Spring for Java, Spiral not aim to be a complete solution. but a way to mix the great diversity of existing PHP libraries in one architecture.Features of Spiral:- ...
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