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  1. LionWiki
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    LionWiki is a minimalist Wiki engine programmed in PHP. It is extensible, templatable, file based (it doesn't need database like MySQL) and requires just one file to function. It is suitable for small websites, personal notebooks or journals. Features of LionWiki:- Admin provides means to block IPs, disable plugins etc.- AjaxEditing provides "in place" editing- BetterEditor contains some editor enhancements- ...
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    PDF files could be searched and browsed as a sort of notebook to help you to print a page that looks the same no matter what platform or browser is being used.HTML_ToPDF is a PHP PDF class that makes it easy to convert HTML documents to PDF files on the fly. It is a free PHP PDF project. HTML_ToPDF grew ...
  3. MyNotebook
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    MyNotebook is a web-based notebook which lets you organize notes. It's based on PHP, MYSQL and AJAX. You can add, edit, remove, search and filter your personal notes by tags.
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