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  1. First Things First
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    FirstThingsFirst is a webapplication to create and use any kind of list. Create your own lists any way you like by using a set of predefined field types (text fields, notes fields, dropdown lists, etc).
  2. Web-NoteTaker
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    NoteTaker is a tool for collecting notes during a meeting. It allows you to create different kinds of notes, take attendance, and publish meeting notes afterwards. This version is designed for a meeting Note Taker to record the notes.
  3. Freenote instant online notes and files
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    Freenote is a web application that allows you to store and organise notes or files. Quickly capture some information or upload a file for reference later or long-term personal knowledge management.
  4. No Screenshot
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    minutes allows for creating meeting minutes, reviewing them and printing them. A release mechanism is part of it. An admin interface is available for configuring data in the DB.Currently available in English and German (and French fragments...)
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