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  1. Web-News
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    Web-News is a web based newsgroup client written in PHP 4.0. It's for the easy access of any NNTP server through web browser or RSS client. It fully supports MIME or UUEncoded messages and messages posted in HTML format by common newsgroup client.Features of Web-News:- Supports common NNTP servers which implement RFC 997 and RFC 2980.- Supports NNTP to RSS ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    PHP Newsgroup Reader is a web- based newsgroup Reader written in PHP to ease people who hope to obtain information from Newsgroup. Unlike Outlook or Outlook Express, this newsgroups reader requires no system resources to access newsgroups, which makes information exchange much easier. Features of PHP Newsgroup Reader:- Tree view- Correctly display encoded messages- Correctly display multiple encoded images- Reply ...
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