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  1. Tiger Php News System
    1556 total visits
    Tiger Php News System is a PHP news site that features for secure, easy to install and maintain. Technology known as LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP was used in this PHP New system. It is XHTML 1.1 valid, Secure, Easy to use and a GPL project. What Included in Tiger Php News System:- Themes (by using css)- RSS- ...
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    2021 total visits
    NMDeluxe is an advanced news and blog management system with support for multiple platforms running either PHP 4 or 5 and MySQL 4 or 5. NMDeluxe is currently in stable release and in continuous development in the 2.x.x release tree.
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    1788 total visits
    v-creator is esigned for Simplicity. It is a powerful development tool for Designers & Developers allowing them to produce results faster than ever.The Advantages of v-creator:- Increased speed of development, faster project turnaround.- Simple to learn and use for developers and designers.- Compatible with all development environments.- Pretested, reliable, extensible and reusable components.- Simple integration into existing development and a ...
  4. The Liberated Students' Movement site.
    2311 total visits
    The web site of the liberated students' movement (TLSM). The Liberated Students' Movement site designed to be flexible to the users and developers how want to help improve it or use parts of it, currently have calendar, news sending system, and skin changing system (beta release).
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    1966 total visits
    pkZoos Website, PHP/MySQL based Software for Message Board, News, Downloads, etc.
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    1625 total visits
    Content*Builder is a powerful German PHP/MySQL-based news- and article-management system for smaller sites.Main Ideas of Content*Builder:- easy to use, - installable at standard hosting providers web-space, - community driven, - professional features.
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    2054 total visits
    BNews is a news system that supports MULTIPLE SITES. It supports categories, commenting, multiple news 'sites', and templates for news using the fast and flexible bTemplate class.The final version includes convertors for other popular news solutions.
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    1718 total visits
    LNP is a really simple News portal made with PHP, the code is pretty small and fast, no toys, no fanzy features, only the news.
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    1900 total visits
    O projeto Eitchdot consiste em criar um site de notcias no estilo Slashdot e PontoBR, utilizando os recursos do PHP e MySQL. O cdigo pode tambm ser usado para o estudo e aprendizado, j que lanado sob licena GPL.
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    1926 total visits
    DOINS, or DOINS Is Not Slashdot, is a web-based information and news service in the spirit of Slashdot, only not-quite-so-advanced... yet.
  11. N-13 News
    1885 total visits
    N-13 News is a complete and powerful news management system which gives you complete control over how your news is managed and displayed.The system allows you to easily integrate into your current design.
  12. Cute News
    2310 total visits
    A powerful news management system that uses flat files. Very easy to use and integrate into existing website. You'll need less than 3 minutes to get it working on your server. Features of Cute News: - powerful comments system, - WYSIWYG, - avatars, - own smilies, - search function, - flood protection, - easy to manage multy-templates, - time adjustment, ...
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