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  1. Easy PHP News Module
    2525 total visits
    Easy PHP News Module (EPNM), is a simple script to easily add and remove content or news to a website. It's really customizable, and can be used as a little plugin in a website or as a full-width main page, just modifying the css.
  2. Web-News
    1836 total visits
    Web-News is a web based newsgroup client written in PHP 4.0. It's for the easy access of any NNTP server through web browser or RSS client. It fully supports MIME or UUEncoded messages and messages posted in HTML format by common newsgroup client.Features of Web-News:- Supports common NNTP servers which implement RFC 997 and RFC 2980.- Supports NNTP to RSS ...
  3. DaloRADIUS
    3237 total visits
    DaloRADIUS is an advanced RADIUS web management application aimed at managing hotspots and general-purpose ISP deployments. It features user management, graphical reporting, accounting, a billing engine and integrates with GoogleMaps for geo-locating.
  4. No Screenshot
    2194 total visits
    Iwebs is a free open source web-publishing & content management system based on MySql & PHP for bloggers. The project is designed to develop Blogs, CMS, News Journal, Magazines, Sites, it features easy to use.
  5. PROPS - News Publishing Platform
    1970 total visits
    PROPS is an open, extensible Internet publishing platform designed for newspapers, magazines and other periodicals. Built around PHP with advanced syndication capabilities in mind.
  6. OpenCVtheque
    1816 total visits
    OpenCVthque offre une interface conviviale pour mettre un CV en ligne et publier des offres demploi. Pour plus d'informations, nous vous invitons vivement vous rendre l'adresse.
  7. No Screenshot
    2057 total visits
    OpenNews 1.0 is a free news management system for a PHP/MySQL based website. This news system is meant to provide a way to update a news area on your website. Fully configurable stylesheets through an easy to understand, fully commented file.
  8. No Screenshot
    3196 total visits
    SNS (Simple News System) is a News Manager written in PHP / AJAX.News are stored in a MySQL DB. SNS it is completely multilanguage,and template (smarty) based. News Manager con write new in RSS mode.A simple RSS reader for Flash is included.
  9. Ikbin
    1624 total visits
    Ikbin is an open source PHP/MYSQL binary news group indexer, search engine, and nzb creator. Binmash is a mashup of rss feeds and usenet search results that can run without a database.
  10. Aedo
    1583 total visits
    Aedo is a Content Management System designed for clans' websites. It includes a number of useful features such as guest book, forum, news system, players manager, clanwars administration, calendar and many more.
  11. PHP News Reader
    2543 total visits
    PHP News Reader, a Web-based Usenet News Reader written by PHP, support NNTP/NNRP access to News Server. Authentication can be easily configured with flexibility. PHP News Reader also supports the charset conversion between different Chinese charsets, both Traditional and Simplified.
  12. No Screenshot
    1740 total visits
    Powerful and user friendly news management software that features multiple users, short/full body news, send article to a friend support, comments, smilies, post censoring, a powerful templating system, IP blocking, news categories and headlines.
  13. No Screenshot
    1939 total visits
    MyNews is very easy to include into any website, just as simple as using the include tag and calling the function to display the news.BBCode has been added to this feature, so now you do not need to know html, just use simple bbcode to publish your news.
  14. No Screenshot
    2739 total visits
    PHPFreeNews, a PHP project allowing website developers to display current news articles on their websites.
  15. No Screenshot
    1439 total visits
    PolymorphTables is a smooth way to manage a complete website, ranging from a blog through a forum to a complete database-driven web application like a news site or a full-scale community.
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