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  1. Utopia News Pro
    624 total visits
    Utopia News Pro is a powerful and scalable news management system for any web site. News Pro, written in PHP and backed by the renowned MySQL database system, UtopiaSoftware's News Pro is an ideal software solution for your site. It allows the news to be edited from anywhere. Support for multiple users and multiple user levels. Also includes avatar and ...
  2. No Screenshot
    388 total visits
    Basic Announce is a basic php news publishing script that uses MySql and Php in the form of a HTML form to display news. This script is not supported by CMS software and non open source and remains property of Bull Web Host Hosting Services.Features of Basic Announce:- News Publishing- Admin form- Admin security
  3. No Screenshot
    241 total visits
    Noti is a news publishing framework. It consist of several crawlers that fetch news web pages, index their content, and publish it in a centralized web site, providing user customized feeds and daily emails of the lastest news. What's New in This Release Version 1.0.0 Noti:- Fixed bug that allowed null user/pass registration- Added custom 404 error page- Added News ...
  4. Article Script
    1048 total visits
    This Article Script is basicly a simple script which allows you to login as admin and write articles. Then the visitors can comment on your articles. You can edit/delete articles and delete comments through the admin system. Features of Article Script: - Admin panel. Add/delete articles and comments - Simple WYSIWYG editor when writing articles- Categories. Add/delete categories. Choose what ...
  5. Content Management News Publisher
    721 total visits
    Content Management News Publisher is an easy to use content management news system. This system uses style sheets for most design elements, this makes it easy to change and customize to your own look. Web based content administration makes adding and changing pages a simple and fast process. Content Management News Publisher is 100% free content management system is released ...
  6. ZompLog
    533 total visits
    Zomplog gives you the ability to add news to your site through a web-based form. No technical knowledge required, the script does the work for you! It creates the necessary tables in the database, just upload and go. Installation:- unzip all files into one directory (you can rename it to whatever you like)- open 'config.php.default' (in the "admin" folder), fill ...
  7. No Screenshot
    500 total visits
    DSNews is a very simple, flexible and easy news system. Features of DSNews: - admin page with: add new, list news(Options: edit,delete). - Easy installation with install.php.Requirements:- PHP- MySQL
  8. No Screenshot
    528 total visits
    Potato News is a free news authoring script written in PHP. It allows multiple authors to author, manage and edit news articles. Potato News uses a flat-file database, is easy to install and will fit right into your web-site.Features of Potato News: - News authoring and management - User management and ability for multiple users to create and manage newss ...
  9. No Screenshot
    306 total visits
    BlueBoy What's New is a simple database front/backend for your web site. It features displaying news items with a date, subject, who posted it, text of news, and a link for email or web page easily, and an admin page is included to make adding news items.The author writes: "to make a contribution to the php community and to help ...
  10. News System
    754 total visits
    Features of News System:- Single user account.- Data is stored in text files.- Formatting text by BBCode.- Posts can be filed under multiple categories.- Custom publishing date.- Automatically generated archives and RSS feed.- Time zone and locale adjustment.- Comment-flood protection, word filter, IP blocking.- Allow/disallow comments per post.- Search-engine friendly URLs.- Customizable templates.
  11. Flex PHPNews Publishing System
    526 total visits
    FlexPHPNews is an website news admin system which can help you to admin the news. It is a simple, free and open source website news admin system. With this program, you can quickly add, delete or modify the news in the website according to your demand. You can add multi-level sub-categories and you can also upload pictures for the news. ...
  12. No Screenshot
    503 total visits
    Quickly post news on your site. Including administration to edit and delete items. Requires MySQL. Administration password for demo: admin
  13. Free PHP News Ticker Script
    1258 total visits
    Free News Ticker Script enables users to have numerous text links scroll upwards.Text with links can be given in a separate text file. The width, height and speed of scrolling can be controlled. The text stops scrolling when mouse is moved over. Color and Look and Feel are configurable. Simple and easy to add this publishing script in web pages. ...
  14. OpenPublish
    1105 total visits
    OpenPublish is a packaged distribution of the popular open source social publishing platform, Drupal, that has been tailored to the needs of today's online publishers. OpenPublish is ideal for the implementation of a variety of media outlets sites including magazines, newspapers, journals, trade publications, broadcast, wire service, multimedia sites and membership publications.OpenPublish is an ideal for the implementation of a ...
  15. phpns (PHP News System)
    757 total visits
    phpns is an open-source, customizable and powerful PHP News System that can be embedded in a PHP web page on your site! The package is completely free, and is constantly being developed by experienced programmers. A simple, guided installation will have the software running in minutes. Multiple category support, template support, IP banning, login records, different ranks, and lots more...
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