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  1. PHPNews
    8143 total visits
    PHPNews is very powerful News Publishing software. Features multiple users (4 different types of access), multi language support, categories, comments, censor list, IP Banning, customisable templates, XHTML 1.0 Strict, Valid CSS plus loads more.Features of PHPNews:- XHTML 1.0 Strict and Valid CSS for the next generation of web design.- RSS News Feeds- Easy Administrative enviornment.- Multiple Languages (User selectable language ...
  2. FlexPHP News
    1448 total visits
    FlexPHP News is a free php news management scripts. It gives you the most time-saving and cost-effective way to edit, publish and revise articles/news. Unlike the majority of other similar news management systems, FlexPHP News has been specially designed for search engine optimization. It is SEO friendly and has several useful tools for the web marketing. It is the ultimate ...
  3. JPM Article Script
    844 total visits
    JPM Article or Article Content Manager is a light-weight article script. You can use the script to publish news, stories, or articles of your choice.Features of JPM Article Script:- Template powered- Customizable- Language file- One CSS file- WYSIWYG Administrator Editor- Paste video URLs into editor and converts to videos (youtube.com videos only)- Ajax rating- Admin section- Ranking system- Share system- ...
  4. iBWd News
    1205 total visits
    iBWd News is an easy to install and use news posting script. Just fill in cofig.php, run install.php and you're done. Supports unlimited number of users. Features of iBWd news:- Simple admin interface (add/modify/delete)- mySQL/PHP required- HTML allowed in posts- Multi-user support- 1 administrator and unlimited moderators- Easy to installRequirements:- PHP 4- MySQL 3.22.29
  5. No Screenshot
    1512 total visits
    The EasyMyNews is a free, simple, user friendly, php based news publishing script. You can easy publish and administrate your News! There is no need for a database.Requirements:- Apache 2.2.13- PHP 5.2.17
  6. NewsP
    952 total visits
    NewsP was developed to get a tool that makes websites more popular in search engine and get a better ranking. Actuality is a main focus of search engines. This script helps you keeping your website up to date using a comfortable editor.NewsP is a SEO tool, it creates a own website(php) for each of your news. This means your news ...
  7. In-Newz
    2519 total visits
    In-Newz is a PHP news publishing, managing, distributing and syndicating system based on In-Poratl. It can automate the process of running a news service, automatically generating article excerpts, running RSS feeds and featuring selected articles as lead stories, archiving old news.In-Newz is created for those smaller web sites who may lack the fundamental online publishing tools to broadcast their news, ...
  8. sNews
    1472 total visits
    sNews is a completely free PHP news publishing and maintaining tool on a website based on MySQL. It is also a extremely lightweight, simple and customizable PHP CMS(Content Management System). Integrating sNews into your existing design is simple, but you could also use sNews on it's own, as a simple Content Management System. Consisting of only one engine file, sNews ...
  9. CuteNews
    1218 total visits
    CuteNews is a powerful and easy to use PHP news management system, which simply uses flat files to store its database. It supports commenting, archives, search function, file upload management, backup & restore, IP banning, flood protection ...Features of CuteNews:- Quick and easy installation- You don't need MySQL, everything is stored in files- Super-Easy to use Template system- Visitors can ...
  10. Newswriter
    1126 total visits
    The Newswriter is a simple script to publish and administrate your News. There is no need for a database. The News stored in a simple file. I've coded this script because the others I found were to complicated and not adaptable enough. Requirements:- PHP 4 or 5- No need for a Database- FTP accessInstallation:- Open the config.php in your texteditor ...
  11. MyNews
    1374 total visits
    MyNews is a very simple news publishing script that stores data in a flat file and that also offers the news as a RSS feed. When logged in as admin you can add, edit (wysiwyg) or delete news items. The template file lets you adapt the look and feel of the news output so that it most suits your site's ...
  12. AWebNews
    789 total visits
    aWebNews is a simple news and comment manager designed for small to medium websites. At only 48KB compressed it has a small footprint and only requires PHP support and a MySQL database.Features of AWebNews: - news categories, - full control over all stories and comments, - an easy and simple administration interface.
  13. @1 News & Image Expander PRO
    762 total visits
    @1 News & Image Expander PRO is a post collapsible Javascripts news and thumbnails on your home page and manage the news via a web-based interface.Features of @1 News & Image Expander PRO:- It supports almost all browsers. Among the browsers tested are: . Internet Explorer 5, 6, 7 & 8 . FireFox 1.0, 1.5 & 3.0 . Opera 8.5 ...
  14. WB News
    839 total visits
    WB News is a PHP/MySQL based news script. With WYSIWYG Editor, User/Group Permissions, Themes, Categories and much more. Features of WB News: - Backup Database,- WYSIWYG Editor, - Built In Update Checker, - Theme Administration, - Additional Users and Permissions, - Edit/Delete Comments, - View Send to Friend Information. - News Search, - News Archive, - RSS Feed, - Comments, ...
  15. EBA-News
    832 total visits
    EBA-News is a powerful and easily understandable news management system, built with open-source in mind. It uses PHP which utilizes MySQL as the backend, and provides a friendly user interface with a great functionality. With the automatic installer, you can have a professional looking and secure news management system ready to use in mere minutes.Key Features of EBA-News:- Automatic Installation- ...
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