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    Yogurt Social Network is a PHP Social Networking module for some famous PHP CMS project such as ImpressCMS and Xoops. It has been applied in Facebook, Xing, Orkut, Myspace and much more.
  2. LinusHome
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    LinusHome is designed to control your home over the web or a local network.It consists of a backend in Python using Sqlite3 databases. The front end web is written mainly in JavaScript and PHP. Right now Denon receivers, a projector and CM11 X10.
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    Emailr is an open source web application for displaying content delivered to the site via email submissions. Long term aims of the site include blogging, reviews, image submissions, todo lists, calendar, networking, etc.
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    PortWatcher will regularly scan switches in a LAN, and record into a DB which MAC-addresses are assigned to which ports. The result is that network administrators will be automatically informed of any new devices which are attached to their networks.
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    Bblocked -:- Unleash The Web, web-based proxy bypasser coded in PHP. bblocked allows you to quickly and easily setup your very own proxy bypass site! Requires PHP >= 4.3.0, and is fully compatible with PHP 5.
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    Monyet is a simple web based network monitoring the tools that should work as easy as possible without discarding the success factor of enterprise network monitoring system.
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    EjOI Judge System is a Judge system which was developed to be used in local networks to judge programs written for it's Informatics Olympiad based problems. EjOI stands for Ejei Olympiad in Informatics.
  8. OpenCabling
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    OpenCabling is a program to document, manage and organize the active and passive parts (from campus distributors to floor distributors) of a networking infrastructure. With OpenCabling you can track all your patch and follow the path of your cabling.
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    The GoPenServer (Go-Open-Server) is an HTTP/FTP Server that includes Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, and phpMyAdmin. It also contains everything you need to create a website, including Nvu, Audacity, GIMP and several PHP apps that are updated frequently.
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    ROSInfo is a tool for monitoring signal levels, traffic and network latency of x86 machines, RouterBoards and other devices running Mikrotik RouterOS.
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    The RedBaron Network Inventory System is a powerful web-based program used to track IT assets across an organization. RNIS can manage multiple clients and locations, asset history, network IP address managment, and work force billing/expense reporting.
  12. Cancerbero - The watchdog of the ports
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    Cancerbero is a port scan engine based on nmap. It scans the hosts of a defined network once every configured time interval and stores the results in a MySQL database. It detects changes from last scan, generates alerts with differences, and optionally sends the alert by mail to the owner of the host. It provides a snapshot of the ports ...
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    PcInventory is a web-based system to track the Pc and the installed peripherals.
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    Open domains is OPen Source Code, it will help you become a free domain name provider. You can create any subdomain redirect with opendomains. It builds in Php4/Mysql4 . You can run it in Linux / Windows Hosting. Easy to install and create Short Domain Name.
  15. YASeMI
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    YASeMI (Yet Another Security Monitoring Interface) consists of a Web interface that can be of aid to SysAdmins and Security Admins, in detecting possible anomaly or intrusion behaviour in their network, based on Netflow data their routers emit.
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