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    A linear previous-next-navigation needs little space but provides powerful navigation features.
  2. Mysql Ajax Table Editor
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    Mysql Ajax Table Editor is an easy to use mysql table editor with a ton of features. Mysql Ajax Table Editor is a free PHP database project.Features of Mysql Ajax Table Editor:- Easy to set up- Quick and advance search capabilities- Perform complex joins on multiple tables and maintain search functionality - Browser forward and back button functionality.- Bookmarkable searches.- ...
  3. PHP Project Navigator
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    PHP Project Navigator is a web based source browser for PHP. Its parser uses the same YACC grammar as the Zend Engine 2 so it recognizes PHP 5 syntax and inline documentation blocks. Symbols are stored in a database which is queried via a web based GUI.
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    Flexploring Utility is a free OpenSource PHP search engine project, which is a sitecrawler that operates as whole new navigation tool for browsing users. breaks down link structure and shows the deeper going links with information of former set interest-preferences.new way of surfin! platform independent due to web service.
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