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    Informium is a fully featured advanced news script intended for use within a web site. Informium was programmed in PHP 4 and uses a MySQL backend for its database.It features the ability to add, edit or delete users of differing access levels. Also features sections with optional image support and a templating system.
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    OxyNews is a complete news management system, powered by PHP and mySQL, with a sprinkling of XML.It has news posting, editing, deleting, 3 different user levels, easy but completely modifiable template system, complete news commenting system, powerful archive (including search functions) and XML content syndication.The login system is very secure, powered by the highly secure phpUserLogin2.
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    The useful and multifunctional Guestbook in russian Functions: - Uses MySQL base for a storage of the data. - Formatting the text. - Smiles. - Remembers the data of the user, for the following posts. Main admin function: - Closing IP addresses. - Editing records. - Answer by a mode "Admin's Answer" - Deleting records. - Adjustment of colours. - ...
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    RTGuestbook is a very simple guestbook that requires mysql and php4 to run. Messages can be text only, smilies aren't supported. There's an admin section where you can delete the unwanted messages.
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    php3guest is an easy to use guestbook implementation for PHP (4.1.0 and higher) using a mysql database as a backend. Features of php3guest: - easy customization using header and footer, - option to allow HTML in posting, - set the number of entries to display per page, - required field checking, - optional email notification and more.
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    As its name suggests, ezBook is really easy to install and use. Compact size, simple interface. For beginners, ezBook can be a good example to learn more on how to use PHP to manipulate a MySQL database.
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    Glorified GuestBook is a multi-category guestbook or mini forum script with search function and user registration. It is easy to administer and user.Requirements: - MySQL - PHP4
  8. fuzzylime (faq)
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    fuzzylime (faq) is an OpenSource PHP FAQ management system that.With fuzzylime (faq) you can help your users-without driving yourself mad into the bargain.fuzzylime (faq) uses MySQL and has a load of cool features - including Ajax to show answers within the page, a search engine, the ability to restrict sign-up to specific domains and e-mail notification among others.It's fully customisable, ...
  9. SEO-Board
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    SEO-Board is a fast, free and search engine friendly forum software written in PHP/MySQL. It is perfect for small and medium-size sites. If you are looking for a small, customizable and fast forum without all the bloat of the big ones, SEO-Board is for you.Features of SEO-Board:- Written in PHP and uses MySQL as a back-end. Requires: PHP 4.3.0 and ...
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    Simple Forum is a simple class for managing the message posts of a forum stored in a MySQL database and displaying them in HTML pages.The users can post any messages in the forum without requiring prior registration or authorization. The forum may have many threads and each thread can have many posted messages.Simple Forum provides functions for presenting a new ...
  11. phpForumPro
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    phpForumPro is a fast and powerful, password protected private discussion forum application built with the industry standard PHP scripting language and powered by MySQL database engine. Features of phpForumPro: - unlimited categories; - topics and messages; - user authentication; - user rankings; - message ratings; - file uploads; - advanced permissions support; - fast and powerful search engine; - powerful ...
  12. L-Forum
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    L-Forum is a simple set of PHP scripts providing discussion forum to your web site. Features of L-Forum: - full threading support, - PostgreSQL and MySQL support, - multiple design themes support, - multiple language support, - collapsing threads, - removal of messages thru administration page, - file upload, - moderated forums and banning IP's from posting.
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    Ottoman is an open source content management system powered by PHP and MySQL. Ottoman is small and compact offering the basics of a content management system with easy to adapt coding for advancements. Unlike other content management systems, Ottoman puts the power in your hands. Ottoman does no rendering itself of your content, but using designed commands you can render ...
  14. raSMP
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    raSMP is a fast, easy to use content management system written in PHP supporting either MySQL or PostgreSQL as it's database backend. raSMP's emphasis is on speed and customisability. It offers webmasters a chance to administrate their site entirely via a multi-user web interface. Features include separation of headers/footers, multiple templates, multiple admin accounts with defineable permissions, category based page ...
  15. Asaph
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    Asaph is a micro-blogging system, focusing on collecting links and images from other pages. It allows you post content directly from any page you are on via a Bookmarklet. Be sure to watch the screencast to see how this works!The alternative Stickney Theme also shows date and author information for each post and allows posting of longer texts. Feel free ...
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