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    Basic Announce is a basic php news publishing script that uses MySql and Php in the form of a HTML form to display news. This script is not supported by CMS software and non open source and remains property of Bull Web Host Hosting Services.Features of Basic Announce:- News Publishing- Admin form- Admin security
  2. Content Management News Publisher
    721 total visits
    Content Management News Publisher is an easy to use content management news system. This system uses style sheets for most design elements, this makes it easy to change and customize to your own look. Web based content administration makes adding and changing pages a simple and fast process. Content Management News Publisher is 100% free content management system is released ...
  3. ZompLog
    533 total visits
    Zomplog gives you the ability to add news to your site through a web-based form. No technical knowledge required, the script does the work for you! It creates the necessary tables in the database, just upload and go. Installation:- unzip all files into one directory (you can rename it to whatever you like)- open 'config.php.default' (in the "admin" folder), fill ...
  4. No Screenshot
    500 total visits
    DSNews is a very simple, flexible and easy news system. Features of DSNews: - admin page with: add new, list news(Options: edit,delete). - Easy installation with install.php.Requirements:- PHP- MySQL
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    Quickly post news on your site. Including administration to edit and delete items. Requires MySQL. Administration password for demo: admin
  6. pimcore-Zend Framework based content management system
    1916 total visits
    Pimcore is a powerful and robust Zend Framework based PHP content management system (WCMS) for creating and managing digital content and assets licensed under the open-source BSD license.Besides being a full-featured open-source WCMS system, pimcore is the first and premier PHP open source enterprise product information management framework (PIM) available. This means true multi-channel publishing and integration into ecommerce systems ...
  7. CIMyAdmin
    1084 total visits
    CIMyAdmin is a cleaner, faster, better, stronger MySQL Administration tool. CIMyAdmin is a professional PHP database project, which is built on the light-weight CodeIgniter Framework. It is designed with simplicity, elegance, and power in mind. It isn't tied to stigmas of the past, and in looking to the future, supports the latest and greatest of technologies.Features of CIMyAdmin:- Lightweight / ...
  8. PyroCMS
    2062 total visits
    PyroCMS is a CMS built using the CodeIgniter PHP framework. Using an MVC architecture, it was built with modularity in mind: lightweight, themeable and dynamic.PyroCMS is not only good for non-technical users due to its easy-to-use backend interface, but to developers as well, due to its flexible CodeIgniter core. A graphic installer is included for easy deployment.Already coming with PyroCMS ...
  9. ExiteCMS
    694 total visits
    ExiteCMS is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS), designed to run on the Apache - MySQL - PHP platform. The mission of the project ExiteCMS is to develop a simple, yet extremely powerful, Web Application Framework that provides PHP web application developers will all core functionality needed to quickly have a new application up and running. For most development ...
  10. BambooInvoice
    3361 total visits
    BambooInvoice is free Open Source invoice management project intended for small businesses and independent contractors. Our number one priorities are ease of use, user-interface, and beautiful code. BambooInvoice was built by designer and programmer Derek Allard, who uses it everyday, not by a large firm who can't remember the names of its customers. It is meant to be sexy, both ...
  11. Wildflower
    450 total visits
    Wildflower is a content management system and application platform build on CakePHP framework and jQuery Javascript. Requirements:- Apache web server with mod_rewrite- PHP 5.2+- MySQL 4.1+Fresh installation:- Extract the archive. Place the wildflower directory inside your web servers documents folder.- Create a new MySQL database (utf8_unicode_ci collation is strongly recommented) and into this new database import the SQL file app/config/sql/wildflower.sql.- ...
  12. 1Line Blog
    526 total visits
    1Line Blog is yet another great product from 1Line Design, It is powered by PHP and using MySQL as database storage. 1Line Blog is an free PHP Blog project. It has a template based system so will allow theme design PHP Blog very easy, we have also included an easy installer for this script to make your job quick and ...
  13. No Screenshot
    507 total visits
    Horizon Blogging Software is a light-weight blogging platform coded in PHP, MySQL, and AJAX. It is a PHP Blog software. It uses virtually zero images in the user-viewable pages which makes WAY faster than WordPress which is excellent for users that are on Dial Up. With the release of Horizon Blogging Software v1, many changes have been brought forth such ...
  14. KubeBlog
    623 total visits
    KubeBlog is a free and easy to use PHP Blog script, you can install on your own website, which allows you to run your own blogs.Features of KubeBlog:- Easy to edit html template files- Simple wizard installation- Powerful Admin panel for controlling your siteRequirements:- PHP- MySQLInstallation:- Upload all files via ftp to your website- Chmod includes/config.php to 0777- Chmod images ...
  15. WBBlog
    393 total visits
    WBBlog is a single user blogging application written in PHP and uses a backend MySQL database. This program is free software. It is an OpenSource PHP Blog project.With the release of WBBlog many changes have been brought forth.Requirements:- Linux, - Apache, - PEAR BBCode Parser,- MySQL,- PHP.
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