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    newsletter is a simple PHP newsletter project, use MySQL database to store news articles and subscribed users list, template based, easy customizable, admin panel.Requirements: - PHP4- MySQL- linux/Unix
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    Wordlog is a Weblog written in PHP and backed by MySQL. Its interface is entirely ASCII-based and standards compliant. Features include on-the-fly page editing, multiple users, administration access, comment threading, URL parsing, and an easily customizable interface. Now support HTML in posts. Requirements:- PHP4(w/PEAR) - MySQL
  3. ClassroomBookings
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    Classroombookings is a free, open-source and easy-to-use room booking system for schools built using the CodeIgniter PHP application framework. It’s released under the Affero GNU General Public Licence.Requirements:- Web server (Apache. mod_rewrite optional)- PHP 5 (GD optional)- MySQL 5Features of Classroombookings:- Eliminate double-bookings: If a room is already booked by somebody or is used for a timetabled lesson, no one ...
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    Position's Records can be used to manage the positions of the records of MySQL database table that defines a tree hierarchy. It can manage tables with a parent and position fields.Position's Records can set the parent of a given record and assign a number that determines the position of a record according to any sorting rules. It can also retrieve ...
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    PHP Guestbook script is meant to manage a guest book storing its records either in XML files database or in a SQL database. Currently it supports only MySQL databases. You can use Guestbook script to add new records, delete records, update a record, get and sort records to show up on your website. These methods are independent of chosen database ...
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    class.faqmanager.php allows for easy display of a FAQ that is stored in a MySQL database. You can also perform a rudementary search on the questions and answers. It is an Open Source PHP FAQ script.
  7. Thwboard
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    Thwboard is a PHP/MySQL-based board that runs very stable extremly fast even on large sites like www.thewall.de/forum/. Features of Thwboard: - MySQL Support, - usergroups, - private messaging, - news backend with comment function, - avatars, - statistics, - multilingual installer, - highly customizable with themes and hacks.
  8. EZ Templater
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    EZ Templater is based on MySQL database for the storage of dynamic webpages, you can fetch information from your MySQL database and echo it. This method allows you to use One file to display any information from a MySql Database. The benefit of this PHP Template is that changing templates is as easy as changing one file. You must have ...
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    PRIFF, actually an object oriented, PHP and MySQL driven event-calendar, allowing visitors to submit events into an editing cue, review, edit and control by an administrator. The output is in XHTML and RSS which can easily be integrated in any existing site.
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    wawp, set of tools for web authentication and authorization. Wawp use php and mysql for login (also over SSL), logout and restrict web access to authorized users and/or groups.The restrictions can be organized per-directory, per-file or both.
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    Megawatt is a tool written in php on mysql db, able to create in a matter of minutes, php administration area. It produces a directory with all the files (sql, globals etc ) needed to make admin work.It produces form, db structure, make thumbs, create array (input type select), javascript control and so on. The admin area created is 'one ...
  12. PHP Paper and Proceedings Database
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    PHP Paper and Proceedings Database, a php/mysql application that implements a conference proceedings and papers database and the tools to view and update it. Papers can be linked to more than one proceeding and can have multiple file attachments. Papers can be exported to BibTex or Refer.
  13. The cool MP3 database of the future
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    The purpose of this project The cool MP3 database of the future is to build a searchable database out of a directory structure of ini files (for album info), id3v1 and v2 tags from MP3s using PHP, MySQL and Apache.
  14. MyTSMReport
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    MyTSMreport is a Project that use a Mysql DB to store the account information from a Tivoli Storage Manager and show them on web pages through PHP scripts in tables and graphs. It do also query toward the TSM DB and store the results in the MySQL DB.
  15. StatsAholic
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    Statsaholic is a set of scripts that generate web based statistics for many different distributed computing efforts. Created using PHP 4. Presently only works with a MySQL database.
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