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  1. Php simple acces data mysql
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    Php simple acces data mysql allows the automatic generation of class giving access simplified to the data. The data base must be of MySql type.Utilisé dans un projet PHP, cet outil vous permettra de gagner un temps précieux lors de vos développements.Une fois votre projet créé, vous définissez les relations existantes entres les différentes tables puis le Framework s’occupe du ...
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    PHP MySQL Address Book possesses almost all features of Outlook contacts, with different views, profile pics search etc implemented using php + MySQL. The project is designed for those who migrates contacts from outlook to MySQL.
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    SimpleHostingPanel is a very simple hosting panel for apache, proftpd, mysql.
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    Flexmonitor is a php mysql software to monitor flexlm license servers cross organizations. allow to have real time monitoring plus graph on license usage.
  5. My SQL Data Browser
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    MSDB is short for My SQL Data Browser. It is a Friendly Database Browsing WEB Front End for MySQL written in php with Smarty and JavaScript/CSS. From the Summary menu above, pick "Web Site" to see a live demonstration.
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    Pnyx est une application Web (PHP/MySQL) d'lections virtuelles conue pour des lves du primaire et du secondaire, dans lequel ils sont amens faire des propositions en ligne et voter pour leur favorite, sous la supervision d'un enseignant.
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    FtpREadmin is a PHP5 based system for administrating a ProFTPd server's virtualusers who are stored in MySQL database. It supports new user creation, user management, quotas and some user statistics.
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    The project AJAX MySQL Admin aims to create a web based database administration tool, with expansion into automatic code generation from the database schema.The code allows creation and removal of databases, tables and fields via a web browser.
  9. PHP MySQL AJAX Data Modifier
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    PHP MySQL AJAX Data Modifier is a framework for displaying MySQL data over a PHP driven AJAX user-interface, allowing the user to modify data dynamically and page through results. The project is a multi-user platform with active synchronization between user windows.
  10. Mydbaccess - MySQL Web-GUI in PHP/JS
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    Mydbaccess is a Web-GUI for MySQL databases featuring end-user-friendly editing, search, query and reporting engine functionality.
  11. MySQL Server Monitor
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    MySQL Server Monitor is a webbased MySQL monitor for one or more servers. It's completely skinnable and written in PHP with low resource usage in mind.
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    Reece Calendar, simple but Powerful Web PHP Calendar using MySQL database. This web calendar integrates with other sites or stand alone. Reece Calendar is designed to provide simple but elegant display for what events are coming up. Look and feel based on "easy phpcalendar".
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    PhpScheduler est un logiciel de gestion d'emploi du temps en php/javascript/mysql.
  14. PublicPIM Website Database Application
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    PublicPIM Website Database Application has 3 Part Process instructions to automatically provide our Database application created with Javeline Framework over an open MySQL db to your website.
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    Adminiature, a fast and lightweight ajax based administration tool for MySQL database.
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