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  1. XOOPS
    4560 total visits
    XOOPS is a free OpenSource PHP CMS project and Web Application Platform written in PHP for the MySQL database. It is object orientation makes it an ideal tool for developing small or large community websites, intra company and corporate portals, weblogs and much more.Features of XOOPS:- Database-driven: XOOPS uses relational databases (currently MySQL) to store data required for running a ...
  2. 4images
    2203 total visits
    4images is a powerful web-based image gallery management system, which is perfect for online portfolios, photo showcases, and any other scenario where art must be showcased online. Features of 4images:- Admin panel- Easy installer- Password-protect accounts- Backup utility- Multi-lingual- RSS syndication- Organize content in categories- Manage multiple albums at the same time- Statistics- Logging- Album titles and descriptions- Supports multiple ...
  3. b2evolution
    1454 total visits
    b2evolution is a advanced multi-blog platform which includes all the traditional blog features and extends them with many evolved tools. Features of b2evolution:- Manage multiple blogs at the same time- Manage blogs on different domains- Admin dashboardUser manager- User groups- Graphic installer- SEO tools- Blog stats- Themes- Plugins- Anti-spam tools- Content categories- File browser- Multilingual- Standards compliant- Custom 404 pages- ...
  4. Question2Answer
    3703 total visits
    Question2Answer is a social Q&A site encourages your online community to share knowledge and helps create content that is very search engine (SEO) friendly. It is an Open Souce PHP FAQ software. Question2Answer is a free PHP/MySQL solution for social Q&A sites (like Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange).Features of Question2Answer:- Five minutes (or less!) to install.- Easy styling with CSS ...
  5. PhpMyAdmin
    8467 total visits
    PhpMyAdmin can manage a whole MySQL server (needs a super-user) as well as a single database. PhpMyAdmin is a free PHP database project. To accomplish the latter you'll need a properly set up MySQL user who can read/write only the desired database. It's up to you to look up the appropriate part in the MySQL manual. Features of PHPMyAdmin:- Intuitive ...
  6. Eventum
    3913 total visits
    Eventum is a PHP issue tracking system features for user-friendly and flexible. It can be used to track incoming technical support requests by a support department, or by a software development team to quickly organize tasks and bugs.What's New in This Release Version 2.2 Eventum Issue Tracking System:- Fixed few errors with template localization - Added Precedence: Bulk header to ...
  7. No Screenshot
    168 total visits
    Escher CMS is a PHP-based content management system for quickly building a website. Escher CMS is a small content management system that can run on top of MySQL or SQLite databases, created for the administration of small to medium websites. Escher is easy to use, and to install, allowing technical and non-technical users to easily get their website going. Features ...
  8. No Screenshot
    1013 total visits
    phpSgeX it's a big project (it have 4 years!), with only a host with php5 and mysql database, you can setup your browser game for free! Programming isn't need! phpSgeX have a complete Admin Panel and with it you can customize evrything! You can add resources, buildings, races, units, researchs and requrements!!! phpSgeX is self installig and you can setup ...
  9. No Screenshot
    185 total visits
    tinyPHP is a very lightweight PHP MVC framework. Especially created to work with MySQL database environments, tinyPHP only holds the necessary tools to quickly put together the basic functionality of a PHP application. A demo app is included with the download to get developers started on their own. Features of tinyPHP:- mod_rewrite friendly- Database connection class- Database query and data ...
  10. phpC Forum
    254 total visits
    phpC Forum is a PHP and MySQL forum script. It is packed with lots of features, for quickly installing and deploying your own online community. Features of phpC Forum:- Easy installer- Admin panel- Plugins- Templates- Multi-lingual- Easy users management- Integrated search engine- WYSIWYG editing- Polls- Profile pages- Facebook and Twitter sharing tools- Forums can hold sub-forums- Statistics page- Organize users ...
  11. Traq
    2153 total visits
    Traq is a PHP and MySQL powered project tracker and can be used to manage code developing projects. Features of Traq:- Multiple Projects - Manage multiple projects easily and effecively with Traq's multiple project features.- Milestones - Easily manage bugs and requests with project milestones.- Timeline - See what, and when, changes were made, tickets opened or closed with the ...
  12. Chive
    400 total visits
    Chive is a PHP web-based database administration interface for MySQL. It's like phpMyAdmin, but with a much lighter and faster interface. Features of Chive:- Rich user interface- Keyboard focused workflow for fast search and navigation- Inline editing everywhere- Syntax editors with colored accentuation- Repeated administration of SQL queries- Analyze and optimize queries with Profiling What's New in This Version:- __DIR__ ...
  13. No Screenshot
    2339 total visits
    PHP Ticket System is the begging of a new project working on to develop a free ticketing / work order web application using PHP/MySQL/JavaScript. It is refreshing easy to use trouble ticketing web application.
  14. No Screenshot
    218 total visits
    Sound PHP Engine (s-p-e) is a script written in PHP and uses MySQL. With s-p-e you can publish news, articles and bulletins; comment them, have access to their printer-friendly version. A kind of a search engine is also implemented inside s-p-e. Features of Sound PHP Engine:- it is free (as in freedom) software;- it uses only sessions and NO client-side ...
  15. No Screenshot
    279 total visits
    Section CMS is a lightweight PHP and MySQL content management system. It allows webmasters to quickly build their website and publish it only via a simple to use interface.Features of Section CMS:- Graphic installer- Admin panel- Page management- Users management- Modules
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