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  1. Fuse PHP MVC Framework
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    Fuse PHP MVC Framework, a simple but very robust PHP Framework that uses Model View Controller (MVC) architecture to support rapid application development.Features of Fuse PHP MVC Framework:- data modeling, - built-in user authentication, - a robust templating system, - image management, and more. Tips: Just wanted to let everyone know that while the 1.x branch of Fuse is still ...
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    Groux is another PHP MVC framework.Goals of Groux: - cakephp's style, - lightweight, strength javascript/ajax integration,- OO and Coded in PHP5, - ready to move to PHP6.dbo, - url routing, - many helpers, - debugging tools, - scaffolding..
  3. ZNF
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    The goal of this project ZNF is to provide an open source framework for building PHP5 enterprise web applications. ZNF encourages application architectures based on the Model 2 approach, a variation of the classic Model-View-Controller (MVC) design paradigm.Features of ZNF:- Customizable front controller- XML configurations to define handling of run-time events- Authorization- Input filtering and validation- Localization- Themes- Transparent caching ...
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    PHPOpenMvc is web development framework PMVC (PHP Model View Controller).
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    Arasphp is a simple and flexible web development framework for non-gigantic sites following the MVC pattern. Features of ArasPhp Framework: - URL mapper, - fully-featured models, - search engine, - paginator and static content controller, - relationships and more.
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    Studs MVC Framework+, an implementation of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern based on the Jakarta Struts Framework. Includes a core library (Horizon), a servlet container (Stratus), and a Server Pages Engine (Phase). Resembles the J2EE web container environment.Studs began simply as a port of Apache's Jakarta Struts MVC Framework to PHP, though it has turned out to be decidedly more. ...
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    Multiplyr is an Object oriented, MVC, modularized approach to Social Networking software. The project uses Smarty to develop easy to read templates and a MySQL backend.
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    BRIM is a MVC framework, written in PHP and based on items with a hierarchical relationship.The list of plugins make BRIM a Information Manager with plugins like bookmarks, a calendar, contacts tasks, notes, RSS etc. The application is multilingual.
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    Astrocytes is a web-based operating system based on eyeOS and joomla to use and MVC and crossplatform to deliver dynamic pages and files in a very easy way to all users.
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    Mivec Framework is a lightweight MVC framework for PHP. It aims at creating an object-oriented, lightweight web application framework for PHP, with many ideas borrowed from OpenSymphony's Webwork 1.4.
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    Azcar (pronunced a-ZOO-car) is a modular content management system designed to be extremely user friendly. It uses postgreSQL, php, PEAR and Phrame MVC. Some of its modules are: users, content, menu, products, events, photo album, contacts, surveys..
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    simpleMVC, a simple MVC (Model-View-Controler) framework written in PHP. SimpleMVC eases the development of any new application. Secure authentication classes and samples are provided.
  13. Vemplator
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    Vemplator is PHP template engine basically replaces specially formatted strings of text(variables, etc.) contained in an HTML file, it is fully exploiting this results in code without any any interspersed (and hard to find) HTML tags. When implemented properly, a site's layout can be changed merely through HTML files without having to modify any code.This PHP Template aims to be ...
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    struts4php, a MVC based framework for developing php web applications like jakarta struts. The framework is driven with a easy to handle xml configuration file. Also it has special support for the smarty template engine by supporting it with a special tag lib.
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    SUIT Framework allows defining the syntax of the template place holder marks, like start and end characters, section end characters, escape characters, and nodes that define PHP code to run when processing sections enclosed with given start and end characters.Templates can be read from a specified path, their syntax can be processed and the results can be returned as a ...
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